Ruby Bevans

An hour later we were almost there; many people were getting restless and getting up, walking around the bus. I could see the bus driver getting angry because people were walking about in the aisle,

“Hey you! Sit down!” he yelled over the bubble of voices, everyone went quiet,

“Who me?” TJ asked, he was the tough guy, the I’ll-take-no-crap-from-nobody kinda man,

“Yeah you!”

“Make me,” he taunted jumping up and down in the aisle, the bus driver glared down the rearview mirror,

“I would if I could,” he met TJ’s eyes and they stared at each other, I gulped as the turn in the road got closer, TJ began to climb on the seats over people’s heads. I saw the bus driver grind his teeth together and narrow his eyes, the bend in the road was getting ever closer, all the other students were watching TJ prance about.

Everything then happened fast; Jackson suddenly reached out in front of me and gripped an emergency hammer from below the window, he shielded my body from the window as he smashed it. The bus at this point was out of control as it passed into the wrong lane, a large oil-truck crashed into the front left of the bus. Jackson grabbed my waist and heaved me up, the bus began to fall sideways, he almost threw me through the window and then followed. My sweater got caught on the broken glass and as I tried to wriggle through the gap a sharp sting in my stomach made me double over in pain, I pulled myself out the window as the bus rolled again and landed upside down, Jackson let himself down from the window and landed on the road three meters down,

“Come on Ruby!” he called, I quickly let myself fall onto the road, before I could get up Jackson had grabbed my arm and dragged me away from the bus. Another car drove straight into the oil-truck which then hit into the bus making it fall over again, landing exactly where I had been four seconds ago. I swallowed the taste in my mouth as I saw another truck coming down the road we had been travelling on, he saw the collision and slammed on the breaks but they didn’t work well enough and the truck collided one last time into the other side of the bus. We were now a good ten meters from the side of the road, I turned back as various screams of terror filled my ears, Jackson grabbed my arm,

“Wait, that truck is full of…” he didn’t have time to finish his sentence as the oil truck blew up. I was thrown back five feet and Jackson landed next to me, I watched in dismay as the flames began to lick up the remains of the bus, trucks and car. A few pieces of metal landed beside me, a school bag on fire and something which looked like an arm. I turned onto my side and threw up. All my class mates, my friends were in there…dead. Jackson rolled over and heaved himself up, his face was covered in dirt and blood and no doubt mine was too. I swallowed whatever was in my mouth and wiped my wet eyes, I’d have been in there if it wasn’t for Jackson.

“You…you…you saved my life,” I stuttered, he didn’t reply as he panted and watched the growing fire. “Should we see if anyone can be saved?” I asked slowly, it was then I began to notice the pain in my face and as I reached my cheek, my hand came away covered in blood.

“No one will have survived that blow, I’m surprised we did…” he got up slowly and wiped himself down, I tried to do the same but the excruciating pain in my abdomen stopped me, I lifted up my shirt to see a large shard of glass sticking out my stomach. I threw up again. Then I fainted.


“Ruby, Ruby get up!” Jackson was shaking my arm roughly; I opened my eyes and blink a few times trying to get the dust out. I pushed myself up into a sitting position to survey the damage; a large lump in my throat slowly rose, the vehicles were still on fire and I could see a body strewn on the road.

“You alright?” he asked, I just nodded slowly, although I really wasn’t. Jackson’s face was hard as he stared at the collision, his face was mildly burnt but I didn’t think that was on his mind at the moment. His head turned to the right and I followed his gaze, two men dressed in dark clothes were walking through the rocks and cacti towards us. We didn’t say anything as they approached, the situation spoke for itself, the two men stayed silent too as one got out a phone and the other surveyed the damage with his eyes. They then looked at each other and the man with the phone gave a swift nod, without any warning he produce a crow bar, the next thing I knew Jackson was lying lifelessly on the sand and he was heading to me. I shuffled backwards trying to get away, but he stamped on my foot and prevented me going anywhere, a pain in my leg made me scream before I was hit tactically on the temple, knocking me out.



The End

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