Jackson Knight

“Don’t forget you’ve got karate tonight!” Dad called, I groaned and lay back in the couch, the last thing I wanted to do was tire myself out before the school trip tomorrow. “What’s wrong champ?”

“Nothing,” I smiled at my dad to prove it, he nodded matter-of-factly and left the room. Truth was, I hated disappointing my dad and I always did when I didn’t go to training. My older brother was a music prodigy and my little sister was a brainiac, my parents rooted for all of us to excel in our talents but I was getting bored of the endless training sessions and competitions. It stopped me from doing normal stuff, like hanging out with my friends, playing sports in school and even having a girlfriend. Tom came in from the soundproofed music room and collapsed beside me, he put his feet up on the table and sighed,

“I broke a string on my violin,”

“Bummer,” I muttered,

“I also need to replace the drum symbol,”

“That’ll cost a lot,”

“Tell me about it…” Tom sighed again, “Mom’s trying to get me to write a symphony, I can’t get past the first minute,”

“What’s it sounding like?”

“Pretty good,” he smiled, “wanna play the drums for me to record?”

“Can’t you?” I asked,

“We both know you’re better than me at the drums,” I smiled as Tom admitted it,

“Fine, I’ll do it later though, I’ve got to go to karate in five minutes,” I said hauling myself up heavily, Sarah walked through the room and gave me a funny look,

“You sound like an old man,” she muttered, I glared at her and went to get changed.


The following morning I woke up sore, karate had been pointless as we’d only concentrated on fitness… I was late for school as a result and most of the seats on the bus had been filled, I travelled towards the back and took a seat next to a girl I recognized.

“Is this seat taken?” I asked,

“I guess not,” she said reluctantly, I could see she didn’t want to sit someone like me, she was one of those pretty girls who didn’t know it, her eyes were deep blue and she had low self-esteem. I wanted to talk to my friends but they were sat further back and I couldn’t exactly yell down the bus, I sat back and thought about something I could say. She gave me a look and then started to ignore me, this was bound to happen the whole journey if I didn’t say something now…

 “So…mummies,” I muttered, immediately regretting it,

“Seriously, you don’t have to talk to me,” she said almost laughing at my lameness, “I’ve got my iPod and I know you don’t want to talk to me,”

“Who said that? Of course I want to talk to you, don’t go all anti-social on me,” I cried, otherwise this would be one long bus journey.

“Right,” she said putting her iPod away. I smiled slowly at her resolve, the smile I used to try and win people over, it usually worked but she didn’t smile back and so I thought I’d change the conversation.



The End

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