Ashtyn: Maybe Not So PerfectMature

Everything was supposed to be going really well for us now. Kevin seemed happier than he had in a long, long time. It made me smile, seeing the way the light had returned to his eyes. For too long, I'd watched him sulk in the shadows, hating myself because there was nothing I could do to save him.

Kevin insisted that he take me out to dinner, somewhere really nice. I wanted to protest, I really did. I didnt want to be the kind of girlfriend that demanded fancy things and expensive dates. I just wanted being with him to be enough. And it was. Oh, was it ever.

But Kevin was adamant, and a few kisses down my neck was enough to silence any argument. Something about the way Kevin held me made everything else fade away.

I took my time getting ready, listening to all kinds of music and mentally reciting trivial facts about the bands. Led Zepplin had taken the 'a' out of lead for fear that Americans wouldnt be able to pronounce it. Before anyone had heard of the band Guns 'n Roses, Bon Jovi almost named his debut album that. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Hank Williams all belonged to a list of musicians that died at age twenty-seven.

When I was finally dressed in a simple red gown, strapless and knee length, I started over to Kevin's house. I didnt bother saying goodbye to my parents. Likely they wouldnt be home anyway.

I reveled in the way my heels clicked upon the pavement. It only took one knock for Kevin to open the door, and then he was standing before me. For a long while we only stared at each other. His eyes raked over my body and I let my own gaze take in how nicely he'd cleaned up.

"You look stunning," he breathed, or maybe only mouthed the words. His voice was so soft I could barely tell the difference. Kevin took me by the hand and led me to his car, a silver BMW Z8. He pulled open the door for me, allowing me to slide into the seat. 

"I need a new car," he muttered, more to himself.

I offered him a simple smile. "You know, it costs more to buy a new car than it cost Columbus to supply, navigate, and carry out three round trips to the New World." Kevin studied me for a moment, brows knit in confusion, before shaking his head and starting the engine.

"Buckle up," he said, unable to contain a light chuckle. "Let's go."

The End

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