Matt: Sierra and an Attack in the BarMature

Matt unlocked the door and ushered Sierra through. She laughed and pressed herself against him, her breasts rubbing against his chest. She kissed him, her lips meeting his in a flurry of passion. Matt dropped his keys just in time to catch Sierra as she leapt up, locking her legs around his waist.

They moved in that embrace through the house to Matt’s bedroom where he fell forward onto the bed with Sierra underneath him. He ripped her top off as she did the same with his, the pulled her skirt off as well. She wasn’t wearing panties; Matt smiled at that. She was left in only her bra, and he quickly unclasped that as she yanked off his boxers.

Matt lay down on top of her then, and began running his hands along her body. He kissed her neck, her collarbone, each of her breasts and then, she turned him over. She moved onto him, and he felt himself enter her. She moved slowly at first, picking up pace as she went. She moaned, and he moaned.God it was amazing. They climaxed at the same moment, and then she moved off him. They lay together, naked and kissing.


Matt woke the following morning, a smile on his face. Sierra lay next to him, her naked body pressed against his as she slept. They had done it five times before finally falling asleep. Sierra woke soon after and smiled.

“Last night was fucking amazing”.

“Yes, yes it was”.

“I need to be going, but we definitely need to do this again”.

Sierra got up and began to dress, Matt moved over and helped her. She left him with a few moments of passionate kissing, and then was gone.


Matt left his home and headed down the street. He made his way to the local pub. He pushed the heavy door open and went straight to the bar.

“Pint of Bulmers please”.

The barman, Tom passed him one. Matt handed over the money and took a swig.

“Sorry to hear ‘bout you sister mate, how you keeping?”

“I’m fine, I’m looking for the son of a bitch who did it, and believe me, I’m gonna make that fucker pay, big time”.

The door burst open and a masked man entered, a gun pointed at Tom. Matt dived over the counter and pulled Tom to the ground as the intruder set off a shot. A bottle exploded behind the bar, just where Tom’s head had been moments before. Matt had his Glock in his hands and he fired off a shot. The intruder was hidden behind an overturned table now, and he had a patron held hostage.

Matt moved around behind the bar, leaned out and took aim at the door. As the intruder made a move for it, Matt shot him, the bullet piercing his skull.

Matt moved over to Tom.

“Have you any idea why this man might have been sent to kill you?”

“I-yes, I know something. Roger was there the night your sister was killed, I don’t know if he was involved, but I saw him there”.

Matt’s face darkened. So Roger did know something.

The End

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