Ashtyn: The TruthMature

I'd imagined the moment a thousand times. It's not like I'm proud to admit that or anything. I mean, how pathetic is it to lie in bed and wonder just how it's all going to play out. The really special people are the ones out living it all.

I'd sort of pinned Kevin off as the kind of boy who would do something dramatic. He'd spell my name in fireworks or carry me to a bed of roses. He'd kiss me in the rain.

But no. He simply said it, almost like he couldnt hold it back anymore. "Ashtyn, I...I love you."

There. It was out in the open now, this new wall between us. I could either lean in and kiss him and tear it down, or let it stay there forever. Either way he was staring at me and waiting for some sort of response, anything at all. Only I couldnt will my body to move. I could only stand there.

Then it was like someone had flipped a switch. I'd never been the type of person to act on impulses. But this new side of me had risen to the surface, and suddenly I was collapsing into his chest and throwing my arms around his neck. His mouth found mine, kissing me with such passion. A fire had started in the pit of my stomach. Oh, I never, never wanted this to end. I never wanted to stop feeling this way.

"Oh, Kevin," I whispered against his lips. "I love you too. I've always loved you."

He kissed me again, this time slow and gentle. I thought I saw his gaze flicker to the bed. Wondered if he wanted me the way I wanted him.

In the end, though, he only pulled away. "I dont want to rush anything," he said quietly. Almost like he was embarrassed. Or scared. I knew I was.

"Okay," I whispered back. "But..." Already my cheeks were turning red. Kevin smirked a little at me, in spite of himself.

"Yes?" He asked me in a mocking tone.

I let out a small sigh. "Do you think that I could just...lay with you for a while?"

Kevin let out a tiny laugh, reached out to pull me into his arms. Nestled there against his chest, I felt safer than I ever had before. Maybe he was crazy, and this idea of his was even crazier. But I felt so secure there. I never wanted to move.

Oh, if I only knew what was coming next.

The End

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