Ashtyn: Just Me AgainMature

I was drinking a seven-up when it started. That was closest I would ever come to soda, or much of anything with sugar in it. The red dot on the can was staring me in the face. I thought that I was probably the only person in the world who knew that the dot was meant to be an eye. The creator had been albino.

But anyway.

My brain had always worked at some unnatural rate. I had a distinct system of organization, and I processed things in seconds. They said that everyone had a gift, so I guess that was mine.

And then there was Kevin.

I dropped the empty can in the garbage before standing up and leaving my desk behind. Kevin was my neighbor, my sidekick, and my absolute best friend. Like all perfect cliches, I was hopelessly in love with him. I knew I had to let that notion go. Right now the most important thing was to be there for him, because, God, did he ever need someone. We all needed someone, really.

I was lucky to be on the first floor. With my window wide open, I hoisted myself up and over the sill, dropped lightly onto my bare feet. The grass felt wonderful between my toes. A reminder that the little things were the most beautiful.

I trudged across my yard and into Kevin's. The light in his bedroom was already on. I hoped to God it wasnt Sierra in there, because she had this power over him that made me sick. She'd already had him once. When we all knew it should have been me he was clutching to in the darkness.

But I digress.

Two taps on the window. Kevin lifted the shades, and upon meeting my eyes flashed me a wide smile. I couldnt help but grin back at him, though I tried to ignore the way my heart skipped a beat. Then he opened the window and gave me a hand to let me inside. His fingers were warm, wrapped around my own.

"Hey," he said simply. One word. But it was enough. He had no idea what I'd have given to hear him say anything at all to me, so long as it was only to me.

"Hi," I returned, my cheeks a little flushed. He held to me for a moment longer than necessary, and then let my hand fall back to my side."So, tell me this crazy plan of yours."

Kevin's smirk was pure evil. "Okay," he said, "but you have to promise not to laugh."

The End

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