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I can't remember exactly why I chose to write a story around this particular video but doing so does make for good writing practice. And let's face it, It's Funny!
Welcome to Bohemian Rhapsody on Acid!

A bored OmegaPatten sits and stares at a blank computer screen. He sighs; role playing games hold no interest for him today. Raids and battles are impossible without help and the members of his guild left for Comicon hours ago.  Of course there is always homework but who wants to waste a Saturday afternoon completing something so tedious.

A quick check of Facebook, no notifications. Apparently everyone had something better to do; something much more interesting then this.  He pulled a face in his webcam and snapped the shot. One after another a string of goofy faces fill the screen.  He loads up Spotify, picks a song and then surfs the web for just a few minutes before finally settling on YouTube. 

That’s when the idea hits. A carefully selected song, something well known with a few instrumentals would get the attention of the masses. He removed his ball cap, shook out his now wild hair and returned it to his head before switching his webcam from photo to video.  The recording started second’s later music and vocals belonging to the British rock band Queen filled the air.

OmegaPatten knew the song by heart and lip synced every word with ease. Emotion filled expressions filled his face time and time again as he acted out his staring role for his future fans. He jokingly performed virtual guitar solos with his teeth and howled the ooohhs and ahhhhhs with wolfish exaggeration.  When the song finally
ended, he quietly pressed stop on the recorder and saved his performance entitling it Bohemian Rhapsody on Acid.

The Video:

The End

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