Person Number 3: Your Sweet SmileMature

Terry sits in that chair of his and pulls me down onto his lap, pecking me on the lips. I kiss back, wrapping my arms around his neck. He hums and kisses harder, leaving me wondering if I'm going to be allowed to please him today. I yield to him as his tongue slips into my mouth and his hands slip down my waist to my hips. I moan quietly, wishing my body didn't betray me so easily.

He smiles, and the next thing I know, I'm in heaven. He's inside of me, and his teeth are in my neck. I'm his puppet, and I fucking love it. Terry out does himself today. I finish so hard that white spots pop in my vision and I practically wind myself. He lowers me to the floor gently and closes the little holes in my neck, stroking my hair lovingly. I just lie there beneath him, panting for breath.

"Those dreams won't bother you anymore, pet," he murmurs, dressing me again. I try to reply, but I'm hardly capable of forming words right now. I just nod and try not to pass out.

At that point, Number 1 bursts in. Both of us look up and I groan. Why does she have to ruin stuff like this?

"Oh no!" she exclaims, a look of despair on her face. I don't need to look at Terry to know she's just majorly pissed him off. I glance over at him and at the nearly cruel looking smile on his lips.

"I think that Person Number 3 would describe it more as 'Oh yes!" I would. If I could speak. Number 1 shakes her head in dismay, looking down at me.

"I am so sorry," she says, earning herself a glare from Terry, who muttered something along the lines of ‘interfering bitch'. My hand found his and I squeezed it a little, to try and y'know, remind at least one of them that I'm on the floor on the verge of blacking out. Doesn't seem to work too well, though, ‘cause Number 1 looks at Terry angrily, "You're a monster, you know." Well duh. He's a vampire. Aren't vampires usually monster-ish?

"I know," Terry replies with a grin."Oh... don't you miss the days when you were like Person Number 3?"

"I hate you," she mutters, "I'd rather die than love you again," she finishes in a whisper and I frown slightly. Isn't that a little over dramatic? Either way, she's spoiled the moment, and I think I can probably string a few words together. Words that go something like this:

"Fuck off," I tell her, but it comes out quieter than I'd meant, and therefore, less irritated and less threatening than I'd meant to. But c'mon, what's a guy to do when he's just had the best sex of his life and a vampire attached to his neck for most of it?

"I swear Terry doesn't love you, Ryan. He's a vampire. Totally cold." I shake my head.

"You don't know anything! Get out!" I yell hoarsely, my hand clenching around Terry's tightly.

"Listen to your voice! It's rough! He's nearly drained you! You have to believe me! One of these days, Terry is going to kill you." There's stupidity and then there's stupidity. Does she not get it at all? I don't care. I'm his to do with as he wishes. Terry looks up at her and winks, giving her a look that says he'd kill her first. Go ahead, man. No one's gonna miss her, least of all me.

"Do you want to die?" she cries, an edge of hysteria in her voice. I look up at Terry from where I am; the amused expression on his face looks almost angelic, like it belongs on one of those statues or something. I run my tongue over my lips, trying to keep myself awake enough to reply.

"No, but if it's what he wants..." if it's what Terry wants, I won't hesitate. A look of horror passes over her face.

"You've made him think he would die if you wanted him to?!" Terry just ignores her, stroking my face tenderly. Our eyes meet and I smile slightly, the rest of the world melting away as he speaks to me.

"I would never want you to die, pet," he murmurs.

"You sicken me, you disgusting creature!" Number 1 shouts, but I only half hear her as darkness starts to creep into the edges of my vision. His hand brushes across my forehead, pushing back my hair. His sweet smile is the last thing I see before I pass out. 


The End

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