Tabitha: PendulumMature

I didn't tell Faith this but I didn't fancy her chances. To get us out of here, we'd need to use hypnosis and since the only one of us who could didn't want to, we were frankly stuck.

A blow to my already glum mood came when Terry summoned Markus to his office. It sounded like a lot of resisting went on but eventually Markus came out looking depressingly submissive. He didn't seem to register my presence as he went to sit down. I wanted to cry but I seemed to be numb.

Three nights after Markus had been brought here, I had the strangest of dreams. I woke up in the middle of the night, walked outside and found a pendulum hanging on one of the branches of a tree nearby. I heard a faint whisper, though that could've just been the wind, and I woke up cold and shivery on the sofa.

But to my surprise, I still found myself holding a long silver chain with a disc of gold hanging from it. It hadn't been a dream, despite how dreamlike it had felt.

I studied the disc, wondering if I would be able to use it, or too worried about how wrong it was to control someone like Delia was. I decided to keep it a secret until I felt confident and comfortable with the prospect. Terry eyed me suspiciously when he came out to take drinks from the four others still under his thumb but didn't say anything.

I watched Darrius and Delia, feeling cold inside and wishing that Markus had been strong enough. If I ever did use the pendulum, he would be my first subject. Or would Ryan?

The End

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