Markus: Tear out my beating heartMature

I woke a few moments later with absolutely no recollection of anything. I looked around before spotting other people. I tried to sit up, steadying my head as it felt so heavy on my shoulders; a certain beauty caught my eye. She was glancing toward another boy ever so slightly and my heart fell, though I have no idea why.

“Excuse me, miss?” I mumbled, my voice a little hoarse as I got used to speaking again. She was rather pretty with her short, brown hair and her beautiful, gleaming brown eyes.

She looked up at me and as our eyes met my heart skipped again, "Hi, you're the new guy, aren't you?" I nodded slightly, not willing to allow my eyes to slip from hers.

"Umm, yes, it would seem so. Could you tell me where I am?" I had no idea about anything; I hoped this lady would be able to tell me. Anything would be helpful.

"I'm afraid none of us can tell you that,” she frowned slightly, but it did not let down her beauty, "Except maybe Delia. She gets out a lot." She pointed to ‘Delia’ who was kissing some man; I glanced quickly and back again.

"Ahh, I seem I have so many questions, but I would find it rude to trouble such a beautiful woman with them. May I ask your name?" I hoped she would not see me as too forward.

She blushed, seemingly flattered by my comment, "Tabitha. And yours?"

"Oh well," I thought for a moment, "Markus I believe... it seems to be the only thing I remember..."

"Well, that's more than a lot of other people. You must be slightly resistant to the hypnosis, just make sure you don't let Terry know that,” she warned and suddenly I realised what must be happening. I had been kidnapped... hadn’t I? Or did I come willingly here? I would have to remain calm, worrying would surely not help my situation.

"Hypnosis? What kind of place is this?"

"This place is just a warehouse. But Terry's a vampire,” I looked at her in disbelief, vampire? No, surely not!

"A... A vampire? Such things surely do not exist!"

She cringed, "I'm sorry. But it's true."

"Oh yes, well..." I looked to her with a wide smile, "at least things aren't half as bad with you around I suppose. It's a pleasure to meet you."

She blushed more deeply, "You're very charming. It's a pleasure to meet you two." She frowned "I have some advice," she whispered. "It's not very nice to think about, but it's for certain that Terry has already drunk your blood. Don't fight if he doesn't hypnotise you, because otherwise he gets angry. And if he does hypnotise you... you might fall in love with him."

"Ahh yes, my heart already flutters near him. But, it is now too."

Her brow furrowed slightly, "Terry may be possessive," says unhappily. "And you may just end up hating everyone else here." Then she added hastily, "Through no fault of your own! That's just how it goes. Ryan's still in that phase." She pointed to Ryan but I did not follow her finger

"That would be horrible. I don't want to ever become bitter to you! I would so hate to push you away."

She shrugged, "We can't stop it. And Delia refuses to use hypnosis." I sighed and tore my eyes from her and looked to the ground, well, there’s no point in falling in love then if it is all going to be torn away from me for some stupid, pathetic vampire!

The End

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