Darrius: Person Number 6Mature

Delia was out running when Terry brought in a tall unconscious guy with dark brown hair. He carried him into the office and closed the door behind him. I saw Ryan glaring while Tabitha sighed, shaking her head slightly. Curious as to how Terry made these people all follow him like they were puppets on his string, I crept up to the door and stood by it, listening intently.

"Forget your name, your family and your address," Terry told the boy. "You are now Person Number 6. Repeat."

"I am Person Number 6," the new boy replied.

Just then, Delia appeared at the entrance to the warehouse. She saw me and mouthed 'Another one?'

I nodded.

I walked over to her and, seeing that she was simmering with anger, stroked her arms to calm her down. I leant down and kissed her. I felt her lips moving down my face to my neck.

"May I?" she inquired.

"Don't even have to ask," I answered as my heart radiated heat and love to the rest of my body.

When Terry came out with the boy in his arms, Delia walked up to him and slapped him. I was very proud of her for that.  

"You're out of order."

Terry shrugged, though looking slightly stung by the slap.

"I'm going to get these people out of this," Delia vowed.

"I look forward to it."

I could have slapped him for that. He should show my girlfriend a bit more respect.

He lay the boy on another couch (he seemed to have tonnes of those) and returned to his office. I hated him as much as Delia did.

The End

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