Markus// Person (Victim) Number SixMature

I looked in the mirror, I wasn't normally fussy but Professor Alexander was coming over for tea and I wanted to impress him. My almost black curls were tightly wound around my face and my eyes shimmered. They were a dark sapphire blue, just like my mother's engagment ring. Oh how I missed her.

Then a knock came at the door, I rushed to it skipping the last four steps with a leap. "Sir," I smiled as he smiled back, I wasn't gay but still I felt something for him. Like a deep longing to be with him.

I welcomed him in and to the dinner table, the night flew as I just sat admiring him. I hardly noticed that he hadn't eaten a thing. But my fantasy was cut short as he parted his ruby-red lips and spoke so softly I believed an angel had just began to sing.

"These roses," he picked one from the vase in the middle of the table holding it to his nose, "they're beautiful, I can tell they have been cared for."

"Y-Yes," I replied, looking at him with a smile, "I love them I think they're the..." before I could finish he got there first.

"The best flower, am I correct?" My heart fluttered as he got up, he placed his hands on mine and picked me up effortlessly.

"Umm... Sir?" I whispered softly before he hushed me, his lips finding my neck.

A shiver ran down my spine... Bliss?

The End

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