Person Number 3: slap in the faceMature

If Number 1 talks to me again, I'm going to rip her fucking head off. She has no right to interfere with anything. Fine, she doesn't love Terry anymore, but that doesn't mean she should try to tell me to stop loving him too.

I mope around, waiting for Terry to call me back to him. I keep my distance from everyone else as much as possible. I seem to be the only one who actually wants to be here. How ungrateful can they be? We have everything we need here - food, shelter, and Terry's love. It's brats like the ones Terry has here

It honestly beats me how Terry could have chosen such awful people to keep here.


Later on, I curl up on my sofa, waiting for something to happen. The only thing to do around here is avoid the others and please Terry. And I gotta say, Terry doesn't want pleasing all that often. I wish he wanted me more often. I'm still going to do something stupid if Number 1 tries to speak to me again. I might not rip her head off though.

As I see her walk over to me, her face set in a mask of grim determination, I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. I don't want to end up doing something we will both regret. She perches on the edge of the sofa beside me. I ignore her.

She waits.

When it become apparent that she's just going to sit and wait for me to wake up, my eyes snap open irritably.

"Fuck off."

"No," she says in this stubborn tone. I take a deep breath willing myself not to hit her and close my eyes again. "I'm going to help you, Per- Ryan." You're going to help piss me off, that's what you're going to end up doing.

She slides off the edge of the sofa and sits on the floor. Right by my face. Does she want a slap? She reaches out to squeeze my hand but I slap it away, barely listening as she talks. "I'm sorry for what Terry's doing to you. Sorry I can't help in the way you really need me to."

She sighs, withdrawing her hand. "Ryan, please at least look at me." Do I look at her? No.

"Come on. Surely you don't want to be Terry's slave?" I'm about to say, yes, yes I do, but she cuts me off. "Actually, don't answer that. I know I did. But look at me now. This is the real me. The real you is there somewhere deep inside too."

"Dude, I don't care if the person I was talking to before was a fucking mannequin. Leave me alone."

"Oh but whatever I was, is what you are still. Don't you care about you?"

"I care about Terry," I growl, sitting up, "what was I before him, huh? Stop pissing me off and go away!"

"What were any of us before him?" she asks sadly. "Humans who had narrow minds, small imaginations and a lack of respect for nature. But now our lives have been tainted. And I believe we're worse off." She takes in a deep breath. "Ryan, there's something you should know."

"I told you once, I'm not gonna tell you again! Fuck off!" I snap, not really listening to what she has to say. Why would I? She's full of lies.

"The night terry tried to kill me, I was trying to let you have him to yourself," she says quickly, trying to avoid me interrupting her. I'm still not listening. Stupid cow. I shove her away and she protests. She's still talking at me. Does she not get a hint?!

"Please! It's true! I hated the fact he was cheating on me so I tried to end the relationship <i> we <i> had. You would've - you have - gotten him to yourself! Wouldn't you have appreciated that? What does it say about Terry if he wouldn't let me leave you two to do what you wanted to do?"

I don't think. I barely even register that I'm slapping her until I feel a dull sting in my palm. "Don't you ever talk about Terry like that!" she cries out in pain, but I'm too angry to care.

"So I should lie to you? So I should let you continue to be like this?!" she sounds incredulous. Um, yes. I'd have thought it would be obvious that I want to stay here with him ‘like this'.

"I'm happy as I am when you're not interfering so leave me alone!" I yell.

She's stung by my words and the slap, but I couldn't care less. "You're happy with a messed up vampire ruining your life?! Well, all I can say is you must have been suicidal when he brought you here!" and I used to think that the phrase ‘seeing red' was just that - a phrase and an exaggeration. Not so sure now. "I bet you were the type of guy to slit your wrists! Everything's dandy now, though, because Terry's controlling your life. Let's all bow down to the great and wonderful Terry for he shall take the one thing we despise from us: our free will!"

I slap her again and stand up, shouting "You don't know anything about me! Just fuck off, Number 1!"

She stands up too, and backs off, into the waiting arms of Terry himself. I hadn't realised he was there. I hadn't even considered that he might hear. Fuck. What's he going to do to me now?

Number 1 turns around and sees Terry. A scream rips out of her mouth. He slaps a hand over her lips and cuts her off.

"What's this all about, hmm?" he queries in a dangerous tone. The question is directed at me, but I'm too angry to talk*

Number 1 gulps, gathering the courage to answer for me. "I was telling Ryan how you tried to kill me because I wanted you to be together."

"And how has this wound  Person Number 3 up so much?"

"Well, obviously he's being clever and doubting you, Terry." She sticks out her tongue, but her eyes say that she instantly regrets that as she meets his icy glare. The blasé comment has angered us both.

"I'm not doubting him," I snap. I'm doubting her.

"He'll come round soon enough," she tells Terry. "And then you'll be powerless."

He apparently freezes her where she is and walks over to me slowly, "Look, you've got my favourite boy all wound up," he caresses my cheek and gently sits me back down on the sofa. I comply willingly, calmed instantly by his touch. He kisses me and sits beside me, stroking my neck tenderly, sending me off to sleep. But I don't sleep straight away.

"You won't get away with this Terry," Number 1 whispers defiantly.

"Oh, I will, Number 1, I will. You have no idea who you're fucking with." I can just imagine the smile on his face as he says it. I feel his lips on my cheek one last time before slumber finally claims me. 


The End

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