Delia - Get off himMature

When Darrius stood up I was confused when I saw Terry in his doorway gesturing him over I jumped up in shock. "No!" I shout running over. I want to force him to a stop but I can't he'd just continue walking and my strength would hurt him.

He walked into Terry's room and I panic. Terry smiles smugly and I growl. He slams the door in my face and for a few seconds I stare. But I've had enough of his ruling attitude. I kick out at the door and it slams open. "Fuck!" I swear when I see Terry leaning down to Darrius's wrist. "NO!" I scream and tackle Terry.

We roll away from the chair in a scramble. Terry ends up beneath me and I pin his arms down growling at him. He growls back. "What's so special about this human?" Terry hisses.

"Something you don't understand" I snap. I stand up and bring my foot down hard on his chest. Just then I hear a whisper and spin round to Darrius ignoring Terry's moaning. I pick Darrius up and march out of the room. I find an empty room in the warehouse and lock the door.

I turn to Darrius and stop seeing he's holding a hand over his wrist, his fingers stained red. I step back my eyes focusing on his wrist. The smell hits me powerfully when Darrius pulls his hand away, it causes me to moan and I lean back against the door. "I think I should go" I mutter breathing heavily.

"You can you know" Darrius says stepping forward. Its all he has to say for me to shoot across the room to pull him into my arms. He swallows then tilts his head. I lick my thumb and rub it across his wrist healing his cut. Then wrap my arms firmly round him and lean it. I let my teeth sink into his neck and moan. Darrius moans  but in slight pain.

But slowly his eyes close and I make sure to stop drinking before I drain him.


I stroke Darrius cheek. I'm overcome with affection. Is this love? I mean it feels strong enough to be. I never truely been in love before. 
I mean when I look at Darrius I feel such a warm go and if I had one I'm sure my heart would be racing.

I find myself smiling cheesily and shake my head. Slowly I lie down with Darrius and wrap my arms round him. He's so warm.... Was I that warm? Well I probably was but didn't know it. I mean you can't feel the warmth if you're the same warmth.

I sigh and sort of fall into meditation. Glad I took that class at least its like sleeping except less deep.

The End

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