Darrius - The Stunning VampireMature

I was walking through an alley in a city I don't remember the name of when I first saw her. The most beautiful creature in the world. Something about her seemed ... unnatural, inhuman; but if someone is that drop-dead gorgeous and just happens to be something slightly unearthly, I don't mind. And guess what? This one's interested too.
So our first encounter of each other. I don't remember it very well but I remember her. The girl with the amazing hair. Predominantly brown with ginger streaks that shone with something like a pale silver glow under the stars. It looked as soft and silky as the fur of a well-groomed cat. I desired greatly to stroke it. Her eyes shone too: a wonderful, slightly mystical greeny-grey which sparkled like emeralds. So shimmery that it was as if she were constantly on the verge of tears.
She dragged me around a corner into a rather secluded place - nice. My thoughts all became very romantic.
"H-hi," I stammered, my breath taken away both by the surprise of the ambush - the girl seemed to radiate the same danger as a lioness - and the way she was so crazily stunning.  
She stepped forwards and waved a hand before my eyes. I passed out, for some strange reason.
When I woke up, the first thing I saw was her face. Beyond that, the tall ceiling of a warehouse. I seemed to have gaps in my memory but the main thing on my mind is the girl.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"My name's Delia, yours?" she replied. She stroked my cheek, a seemingly odd thing to do but one which was extremely pleasurable for me. Her fingers were cool like raindrops.
"Darrius," I whispered, still awed by her beauty despite the fact that she had kidnapped me. I reached out to touch her hand and noticed the total absence of heat in it. In fact, her skin was so cold that it seemed to drain the warmth out of my own. I shivered. "Why are you cold?" I asked, just curious; yet the girl seemed to be afraid.
"I'm.... I'm a vampire," she answered. "I fed from you but you don't have to stay if you don't want. I won't force you but I will have to wipe your mind if you leave."
I swallowed and impulsively started stroking her cheek with my thumb. It seemed a natural thing to do. Although the girl was a blood-sucking dead monster, I couldn't help but feel she was nice. After all, I wasn't dead and she was giving me a choice - albeit one I could only give one answer for since I didn't want to forget her - and, to be honest, she didn't seem capable of harming an innocent person.
I looked straight into her eyes and saw only openness and sincerity there.
"I'll stay," I whispered. * I watched what happened with the girl Tabitha with a kind of fascinated horror. There was evidently another vampire here and a dangerous one at that. The girl was dying but Delia saved her life. I suddenly had a great respect for her and it became totally insignificant that she was a vampire. In fact, she could drink from me if she liked: I admired her that much. It wasn't her fault that Circumstance had been unkind to her and I vowed to try to make her life as a vampire as close to human life as possible.
 Afterwards, I sat next to Delia who had all but collapsed on one of the many sofas here. She curled up and rested her head on my leg. I began lightly caressing her hair as I had so desired to do when we'd met. I reckoned I had worked a few things out from the dialogue which had occurred during Tabitha's rescue and decided to check my new knowledge.
"So this Terry has wiped the mind of everyone here?" I asked. She nodded. I thought about the gaps in my memory. "Did you wipe my mind?" She inhaled sharply and looked up at me.
"Yes," she replies, without attempt at excuse or apology. "I wiped everything except who you are." I continued to stroke her hair, now quietly pensive.
"I don't mind strangely," I decide. "Something tells me that I didn't leave anyone behind anyway."
She sighed loudly. I looked down at her. All I could think about was how incredibly beautiful she was. I then began to trace her features with my finger and she seemed to stiffen, so that she was just watching me. I reached her lips and caressed them tenderly.
She eased herself into a sitting position, rotating to face me, always regarding me with an intense expression. My fingers go back to her mouth and my eyes linger there, focusing on it. I looked up and met her gaze. It was like Nature was dictating my movements. I was an obedient servant, desiring for that wondrous thing called love to happen.
I brought back my hand from her face and leant in to kiss me. The experience was magical, like something out of a fantasy story. My heart expanded so it could fill with affection and tenderness and so it could convey a decent amount of love to Delia's, ignoring the fact that it was cold and still. I fancied the heart could never really grow cold, unless you'd committed great crimes against humanity like this Terry had.
We broke away at the same time, regarded each other contentedly and soulfully, feeling harmony with each other and the universe, and I leant in again. As my lips brushed hers, her arms wound around my neck and she pulled me closer into him.
And now? Now, I sit reliving that moment while she sits beside me. I think I truly love her.

Suddenly, I notice a shadow near the only door in the room, by that office.

It's Terry.

I find myself standing up without my permission and walking over to him. Delia runs up, shouting "No!" but I find myself unable to stop. Terry leads me into the room, invites me to sit upon the armchair (in reality, forcing my will) and takes my wrist. Delia bursts in, swearing loudly. I black out, but  before the world disappears, I feel a sharp stab of pain below my hand.

I wake up, seconds later, finding Delia standing triumphantly over Terry who's lying on the floor, moaning.

"Thank you," I whisper.

The End

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