Faith-Close callMature


"That's better you should be ok now, Tabitha." Me, Amelia and Tabitha were in the shower blocks. I gave Tabitha some jeans and a t-shirt that Terry had given me for her to wear. Feeling grubby again I changed my clothes; I picked the black button up dress liking how I showed my long legs off.  

"Th-thank you Faith and I'm sorry. Sorry to both of you." Tabitha said in a small voice. I looked at Amelia then back at Tabitha. Then I understood what she meant.

"Hey, its ok don't worry about that now. Your ok." I reassured her.

"Yer Terry was just messing with your head." Amelia added smiling at her.

"Come on lets get something to eat." I told them as we made our way outside. "You two go ahead, I just need a breather." They call back ‘okay's' and ‘we're save you something'.

Trying to remember things was still hard; my head was still hurting a little from before. What could be in that notebook? How do I get it back? Terry must have it locked away from where. But where?


Everyone was mostly asleep. Delia eyes were closed but I wasn't sure if she was asleep or not. Did she sleep now? I didn't want to disturber her anyway; she looked settled lying next to Darrius sleeping form. I couldn't sleep not matter how many times I closed my eyes, they refused to sleep.

"Right that's it." I whispered to myself as I got up feeling frustrated and annoyed. I stomped over to Terry door not bothering to knock it first before going in.

"Where is it Terry?" I nearly shouted as I closed the door, the others didn't need to hear this and I didn't want anyone jumping him before I got some answers.

"Haven't a clue what you're on about person number four." Terry sweetly told me still sitting behind his desk.

"The name is Faith!" Slamming my hands on his desk glaring at him. "Remember that." I said through gritted teeth.

He sighed running his hand through his hair. "Well well, another one who needs to be taught a lesson in obedient. You were told to forget that."

"I was taught not to tell lies and I don't believe a word that you say." I wasn't sure at the time how I could remember that, but that didn't matter right now.

"Where is it Terry, I know that you've got it so give it to me."

"What might that be Faith? Hum can you remember that?" He raised his eyebrows saying my name.

"My notebook Terry. The one that you took the day that you brought me here."  

"Notebook?" He questioned but still wearing that knowing smile.

"Don't bullshite me Terry; I know that you've got it." He raised an eyebrow sighing.   

"Interesting talent you have Faith." 

"Comes in handy especially with you." Trying to put venom into my words to hind how terrified I really was.

I started walking backwards then stopping when I hit his desk. Terry smiles walking towards the desk, when he reaches it he lifts me up so I'm sitting on it and he moves my legs pushing my back on the desk.  

 "You're never getting that notebook Faith." He lent down and I could feel his breath against the hollow of my neck.

"I. will. Get. My. Notebook. Terry." I told him through gritted teeth. Terry hissed then his hand went up my bare leg stopping at my thigh. "We're see."

"Um. Terry?" A voice called in the distance stopping Terry for a moment.

"I won't be long person number three; I just want to make sure Faith stays in line and doesn't cross me again." Terry doesn't look at Ryan as he speaks. Instead he was kissing my neck, and then grazing my skin with his teeth, licking the blood. "Don't test me Faith." He whispers.  





The End

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