Delia - A little bloodMature

How dare he?!?! I mean, how dare he even try to kill her? Just cause she didn't love him any more and was starting to fight against the hypnosis didn't mean he had to kill her. "God what happened?" Darrius says coming over as I lay the no-name girl down.

Faith and Amelia appear and look at the ripped wrist with shock. The no-name girl's breathing is heavy and I'm begining to get scared. "Terry tried to kill her cause she was dying" I mutter going through loads of options to save her in my head. Hypnosis won't work because she's no longer under is so that won't help even though it's what began to kill her.

"What are we going to do?" Faith whispers her voice rising. "We can't just let her die!" Everybody goes silent. Then I spit on my hand and put it to her wrist. The skin heals over but that won't stop the pain. Faith looks at me eyebrow raised. "Seriously? Super spit?"

I shrug then begin to think then it hits me. "I'm going to have to feed her some of my blood. Not enough for her to turn but enough for her to live and senses to be slightly hightened. Not as much as mine were before I turned but a bit more than normal" I say looking at everyone in turn. No one objects realising its the only way. I sigh heavily and bring my teeth to my wrist cuttin the skin with the canine.

I force the no-name girls mouth open and put the cut to it. As soon as the taste touches her tongue her eyes fly open. I leave my wrist there for another few seconds then pull it away. "I know I said I wouldn't do this but..." I take a deep breath and wave my hand across her face. "Remember your name"

"Tabitha" The girl whispers. "My name's Tabitha"

I smile weakly. "Nice to have you back to your senses, Tabitha. Faith here and Amelia will get you cleaned up" I say. She nods and Faith and Amelia help her to her feet.


I slump onto the couch. Darrius sits next to me and I curl up before resting my head on his leg. He begins to stroke my hair. "So this Terry has wiped the mind of everyone here?" Darrius whispers. I nod silently knowing whats coming next. "Did you wipe my mind?"

I take in a sharp breath and look up at him. "Yes" I say simply closing my eyes. "I wiped everything except who you are"
Darrius continue to stroke my hair no hesitation. I peek through my left eye to see him thinking calmly.

"I don't mind strangely. Something tells me that I didn't leave anyone behind anyway" I give off a massive sigh and Darrius looks down at me. He then begins to trace my features and I freeze just watching him. He gets to my lips and passes his finger over them softly.

Slowly I sit up turning to face him. His fingers return to my lips and his eyes focus there. Slowly he looks up to my eyes. He pulls his hand back and kisses me. I feel a powerful spark ingnite inside me and its almost like the pouding of a heart that I don't really have.

Slowly I pull back at the same time as Darrius, which I would have found creepy if I was not so zoned out. We look at each other calmly and he leans in to kiss me again. My arms go instantly round his neck pulling him to me.

The End

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