Person Number 1: LossMature

Feeling sick and dizzy had somehow been related to being in shock. It was in a daze that I had let Person Number 3 get to me. I had actually found myself doubting Terry's love for me: a terrifying thought since without it, I would be nothing. To think I had actually wondered whether it would be so bad if I let Person Number 3 have Terry all to himself...

Of course, all this changed when Terry caressed my cheek. I came back to my senses and realised I'd been ridiculous. Why would I give up Terry's love? WHY?! I didn't know who I was anymore, but I knew that I had to have Terry. He was my anchor in these stormy seas of doubt and dejection. I had to cling onto him to stop myself falling through depths of despair and certain doom.


When I found him outside turning Delia, I was furious. I screamed at him and pushed her away, but next thing I knew, everything went black.

I came to on my sofa. I sobbed quietly at what Terry had done. I still loved him though.


Later on, I found Person Number 4 making pictures in Terry's coffee grains. The cheek of it! I didn't understand why she was then so excited when I suggested she drew in a notebook. I didn't care what she was up to, though. I only cared about Terry.


Delia brought back a cute boy when she went out that night. I was resentful: it reminded me that she was a vampire, something I should be. I was also surprised. Who needed a cute guy when Terry was here? Though, actually, I was glad she wasn't attracted by Terry: Terry was mine.


Terry brought back a fifth person. That's all I have to say. Words can't describe how I'm feeling right now. If I were to try, I'd use the following (though remember these are all mixed together so are subtly different from how I'd feel if it was just that emotion): betrayal, confusion, doubt, pain. They don't convey enough.


When Terry's room was empty, except for him, I went in, knowing what I had to do.

"Stop this," I said. "I love you and it's killing me. I don't want your love - well, I do - but I can't take it."

Terry looked startled. "Person Number 1, are you okay?"

"No, I'm not," I replied, fighting the instinct to run up to Terry and hold him and ask him to tell me that everything was okay. Because it wasn't. He couldn't treat me like this. I still loved him: of course I did. He was the reason I felt any happiness at all. "I want you to stop ... erasing my doubt from my mind. Don't stop me feeling anything that's there."

"But I lo-," Terry began.

"No, you don't," I said through gritted teeth, but even so, I collapsed on the floor at the pain in my head resulting from trying to resist Terry's power.

"Person Number 1, you're going to hurt yourself with these lies you tell yourself," Terry said in concern.

"Please!" I said, literally struggling against my own mind to do this. "I'll still love you. But I need to stop feeling that the others are meaningless to you." I fell forwards, gasping in agony at this blasphemy.

"Person Number 1, you need to stop."


Terry's expression became icy cold. "Stop," he commanded.

I tore my gaze away from his mere body. "NO!"

Terry lifted me up, put me on the armchair and grabbed my wrist. "Stop ... or you'll die."

I was terrified, but I knew I had to do this. Better off dead than a blind fool. "No," I said weakly.

I felt a massive surge of power in my mind and then I was out cold.

But I awoke. I awoke to pain that made me scream. In a second, I understood. I was dying. Since you can't be hypnotised to die (the human will to live is too strong), it stood to reason that you couldn't die while hypnotised. Terry was draining the life out of me.

And it hurt. While the room spun around me and black spots appeared before my eyes, I was writhing in agony. Black pain in my head, my wrist, my hand (bent at a funny angle from the way Terry held it), and even, I fancied, my veins.

I screamed and screamed.

Suddenly, Delia burst into the room. I couldn't be happier to see her.

"You're killing her?" she asked horrified.

"She is no longer useful to me!" Terry shouted, spraying my blood everywhere.

I sobbed.

Delia aimed a kick at Terry's back. He fell backwards, releasing me, but sprang back up, restarting.

"She's going to die anyway. Might as well take all the blood."

"Don't you DARE!" Delia shouted.

She pulled Terry off me, and I couldn't care less that half the skin on my wrist was ripped away, and she threw him across the room.

She picked me up and carried me to the sofa, but before I got there, everything went black.

The End

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