Delia - Kick assMature

When Terry brought back another girl I felt angry. He already has two people after him and Faith still not able to leave why the hell did he need another? I sat on the couch with the boy from earlier. I kept stroking his cheek liking the warmth and softness of it.

Then I heard comotion from Terry's room where he'd taken the new girl. I ground my teeth and got up storming across the room. Faith watched me with wide eyes looking up from the laptop I let her use. The other girl and Ryan looked at me with anger. Oh, fuck it. I can't be bothered to be annoyed about that right now.

I get into Terry's room to find the new girl looking frightened but still dreamy looking and Terry leaning into her neck. I hiss then kick out at Terry's stomach. It colides and he doubles over. I grab the girls hand and pull her over putting her behind me. "You done it too another one then" I hiss. "Wiped everything from them even there name"

"You didn't complain when you did it to the boy out there" Terry says smiling and approaching me slowly. I back to the door keep the girl behind me. I clench my teeth and Terry smiles more gleefully leaning into brush his lips across mine. "Why him, Delia? Think he's cute"

"Yes, actually" I snap. He winces and I pull back to stare at him. He begins to grind his teeth looking mad. "Unlike you I don't pick on the species I use to be and treat them like shit. He can leave if he wants to or stay if he wants. Now back off" I kick out again hitting his chest with my foot hard. I grab the girls hand then run out of the room.

I close Terry's door and breath heavy from fear. I push back a strand of hair and look at the new girl. I wave my hand across her face. "Tell me your name" I say.

"Amelia" She whispers in a daze.

"Nice to meet you Amelia" I say weakly.


I left Amelia with Faith. They seemed to get along they both wanted to excape yet couldn't help but feel something for Terry. Which I couldn't rid them of cause I would have to use hypnosis. I sit with the boy again. When will he wake up?

As soon as I think it his eyes flutter open and they shine so full of life I gasp. He see's me and his eyes widen. "Who are you?" He chokes.

"My name's Delia, yours?" I say smiling faintly and stroking his cheek again. I don't why I kept doing that except for the warmth and feel of his soft skin.

"Darrius" He whisper slowly sitting up looking at me then my hand, well more my arm to it, on his cheek. He slowly reaches out and puts his hand on mine and shivers. "Why are you cold?" He asks it simply but my heart jumps scared.

"I'm.... I'm a vampire. I fed from you but you don't have to stay if you don't want. I won't force you but I will have to wipe your mind if you leave" I say smiling faintly at the end. He swallows and starts stroking my cheek bone with his thumb.
He looks directly into my eyes and it causes my heart to leap. Really, he's seriously cute and the way he looks at me is so intense.

"I'll stay" He whispers and those words make me feel almost complete.

The End

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