"Right so see you tomorrow!" I squealed and hopped up and down a little as Tori reminded me of tomorrow night, ie her big 18th birthday house party. We'd been planning it for the last month, and I was so psyched because 1) It was an 18th house party- what's not to like? and 2) I was going to wear one of my best dresses in front of my ex boyfriend in order to look amazing after we broke up three weeks ago. Okay, I was still a teeny bit hung up over Charlie, but I am after all a teenage girl and I can be as emotion as I like for the next six months before I become an adult. Plus, the dress is very nice, so who knows? He may remember suddenly that he is madly in love with me which would make the party even better!

I opened the door to hear my mum laughing and talking, which was weird because Dad worked late on Fridays...dropping my bag in the hallway I padded into the kitchen, where Mum was sitting at the table talking to a tall man, dressed in a tweed suit. I smirked because he was dressed like some old professor, but his face...strangely enough, I couldn't quite place it. It didn't really look any age. Mum saw me at the doorway and smiled. "Oh Amelia, you're home." She turned to the man. "Terry, this is my daughter I was talking about, Amelia. Ami, Mr Hoyt is the newest member of the English staff. I've been showing him around the school today, and we were just discussing the syllabus."

Mr Hoyt stood up and shook my hand rather formally, though looking me in the eyes as if I were an old friend. I smiled, somewhat bemused, as he said, "Ah, so you're the future Oxford scholar."

I laughed. "Hopefully, though I'll actually have to be accepted yet! There are about 800 or more candidates every year who apply for English lit, after all.."

"Oh I'm sure you'll get in, a clever girl like you." I couldn't help noticing he was still holding my hand, which I took back awkwardly. "Your mother was telling me about your excellent grades, and what a mother!" I saw Mum giggle behind him like some young girl. "I'm sure you two are just as confident and successful." Mum giggled again as he sat back down and I took a seat. I heard the radio crackling away in the background of the kitchen: "Still no development on the whereabouts of missing girl, Faith O' Riley, though inspectors are starting to suspect her disappearance with that of three other teenagers in the area..."

The three of us carried on talking until I noticed that it was quite late, and I excused myself to take my stuff to my bedroom and get changed out of my uniform. I had taken my books out and set them on my desk, ready for some half-hearted essay planning before Tori's party, when there was a soft knock on my bedroom door. Turning, I found Mr Hoyt at the doorway, looking fondly at a picture of me and my friends that was hanging on the wall. "Oh, Mr Hoyt." I was a bit confused. "Are you...Are you wanting to know where the bathroom is?" Okay, that sounded a bit stupid but I couldn't think of any other reason why he'd want to come visit.

"Oh no, your mother wanted me to tell you that dinner is ready. I hope you're hungry, Amelia." Only now did I realise he had wandered further into my room, and was standing right over me. He took off his glasses and suddenly I saw a change in his disposition, in his eyes. A new glint...malice? "I certainly am." He fixed me with those cold eyes and I suppressed a shudder. I felt in the space of a moment suddenly exposed, and crossing my arms across my chest, tried to think of some excuse to be to myself.

"Erm, I just have to change out of my uniform-"

"Oh but there is no need, Amelia." I didn't like him using my name, almost as if he made it sound...wrong. "How old are you? Seventeen? Eighteen? You seem older for your age." He looked me up and down briefly, and I shuffled awkwardly to my door, afraid to turn my back on him. I felt like he was assessing me, like an animal. I wanted him to leave.

"I'm...Please. You go down...dinner," I uttered a nervous giggle, though I could think of nothing to laugh about. "Dinner, it'll go cold."

"Oh but I'm not hungry for food. I have an appetite for something...different." He tilted his head and I felt a strange pull to follow him. I didn't want to, but it was almost as if there was a strange attraction...He leapt forward and grabbed my wrist, pulling it to his face and drawing his nose along, as if inhaling the scent of my arms, his eyes fixed on my blue veins.

"Let me go!" I cried, feeling my voice break and go shrill. Oh please, help me, somebody help me... "Mr Hoyt, let me go!"

"Call me Terry, Amelia." I stared in horror as his grip on my wrist loosened, and I felt woozy, faint. Drugged. I turned quickly, yet in slow motion, to see him holding a large book and see it come across my forehead...


I opened my eyes wearily, still feeling light headed, like I'd lost some blood. Mr Hoyt stood over me in an office, and I scrabbled up and lunged for the door, forgetting my weakness. I flopped limply onto the floor, my hand reaching for the handle. Mr Hoyt stood over me, triumphant and ominous. He bent down to my face and waved his hand over, only making me feel dizzier.

Forget your name, your family, your address." My head was swimming- I thought I woulf pass out. "You are now Person Number 5. Repeat."I couldn't talk, only stare in horror. My mind searched blindly for words, wishing more than anything not to repeat anything he said.

“Wh-What do you want with me?”

The End

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