Delia - Awaking DeadMature

"Uh" I groan as I wake up. My whole body aches and my throat burns. I cough and rub it softly. I open my eyes and see Faith at the end of my couch watching me with a pained expression. "Uh, you might want to move a bit futher away Faith. I'm quite thirsty"

Faith's eyes widen and she shuffles further away. "Why did you do it, Delia?" Faith whispers. I sigh heavily and sit up moaning keeping a safe distance from Faith. I turn and look at her.
Why did I do it? For the speed? Or something else.... I shake my head. These thoughts aren't helping.

"I did it for a few reasons. A couple you wouldn't understand... but another is to get you out or at least keep you safe. You deserve better than here Faith" I say almost reaching out to put my hand on her shoulder but I draw it back quickly. "I think I better pop out to.... you know. Get a drink"

Faith winces and I smile weakly. I get to my feet and move out of the room. But I didn't expect to see Terry outside. "You could of got some from her" I jump and spin to face him. He smiles shaking his head. "Me talking is loud isn't it" He says his voice dropping to a whisper. "It will get better"

He walks up to me and pulls me into his arms. I frown and shove him away hissing at the end. Oh great, I hiss now. Brilliant!
Terry bares his teeth at me and I scoff. "If you think just cause I'm no longer human I'm going to totally ignore what you act like. You've got another thing coming. I'm not going to treat humans like shit and you will not touch me without my permission" I snap.

Then I spin on my heels and run off. I feel a jolt and suddenly I'm running faster than ever before.


Okay, I must admit having super vision is awesome. Just being able to see every detail of someone from the roof of a 3 floor building is wicked. I finally find someone I think is cute and jump down into the alleyway at the side. I work quickly grabbing the guy from the street into the alley covering his mouth.

I drag him round the corner in the alley to a dead end then push him forward in front of me. He stumbles then spins round. I almost choke. Okay, this guy is gorgeous. His tan is perfect, hair spiked and a midnight shining black. "Hi" he says stuttering. I blink and then shake my head.

I step up and wave my hand in front of his face. He passes out and I catch him. I lean in and whisper in his ear. "Forget your family, address, life but remember your name"
Then I lean down and bite into his neck. When the taste hits my tongue I moan and beging drinking hungrily.


I carry the boy over to the couch in the warehous and lie him down. I caress his cheek softly. Faith looks up from her couch to me and frowns. "You brought him back" she mutters.
I nod silently and continue stroking the boys cheek. His skins so warm, so full of life. And his heart beat is such a beautiful sound. I sigh heavily and get to my feet and go and sit with Faith who begins to move away.

I wave a hand dismissively. "Its okay. I'm full" I say smiling lightly at her. "And I wouldn't drink from you Faith. I'm not a user. If that boy doesn't want me too when he wakes up I won't drink from him either. And I won't use hypnosis"
I knock my knee against hers and smile.

"You seem the same except your...." Faith trails off.

"Dead?" I say smiling.

"Yeah" She gasps. Then we both burst out laughing.

The End

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