I couldn't believe it. He turned her. Delia. I couldn't believe it. Terry came in carry Delia sleeping body in his arms. He placed her on the couch smiling at what he had done.Then he went back outside and brought person number 1 in, god what was her fucking name! Ryan face was a picture when he came into the main room. It was quite amusing actually but at the same time it was also sad.

I hated Terry for what he was doing, making them all believe that he loved them all. God it made me soo mad! Terry didn't look at Ryan as he pasted him, he did however see me glaring at him and smiled showing his sharp teeth.

"I'm not some number Terry for you to play with. I have a real name." I said in a quite voice knowing that he could hear me.

"I don't see how, but enlighten me person number four." That smile was still on his lips as he spoke, I smiled knowing that he really didn't have a clue how his power failed on me. Suddenly I was feeling dizzy and sick my vision was burring.

"My real... name is-

Then just like that I fell hitting the floor hard, even with Terry's vampire reflexes he wasn't fast enough to catch me. Voices around me faded and I fell into the blackness.

Get it Faith, you have to get it.


Waking up was not pleasant. My head hurt like hell. The voice in my head didn't really help things; it kept repeating the same thing over and over. ‘Get it Faith you have to get it.' I dreamt for the first time since I've been here, and that had being weird to.

It was burly so burly but a few things kept jumping out at me. A little girl with similar hair to mine but shorter, she was hiding under her bed holding a dog teddy close to her and tears were falling from her eyes. The next thing that stood out was a red car parked in the street. The little girl was watching a man and a women shouting at each other, and then the woman going into the red car.

I opened my eyes then trying to work things out in my banging head. Feeling my neck I was grateful that Terry didn't bite me why I was asleep, I could still the scars from his last bite though.

I needed to do something but what? I wish I had a clue or something to help me. Getting up I went to the kitchen, noticing again that I was clenching and unclenching my hands again. Ugh! What is it! Slamming my hands down on the counter. My eyes caught sight of some coffee grains that were spilt on the counter, I ran my fingers though them liking the pattern that I made and reaching for the bag and pouring more on the counter.

I felt like a little kid as I started drawing faces and wiggly lines with my fingers.

"What are you doing?" I turned round to see ‘person number 1' looking at my finger in the coffee grains.

"Erm I don't actually know put it feels right in some strange weird way." I shrug.

"Okay, well instead of using the coffee grains that Terry going to be using. How about you get a piece of paper and a pencil or get Terry to get you a notebook and you can draw in that." ‘Person number 1' advised before going back into the main room.

It was only then that her words really sunk in I gasped and ran out of the kitchen.

"What did you just say?" I asked her.

"What. Well Terry and other people are going to drink with those and-

"No. Not that I mean after. About Terry getting me something." Grabbing her shoulders desperately.

"You could get paper and penc-

"You said something else. What did you say!?" I frantically looked into her eyes hoping that she would tell me the truth.

"Do you mean a notebook?" I gasped again.

"Notebook." I whispered to myself letting her shoulders go. "Notebook, where was my notebook?"

O'my god there was something important in there, something that could help me to remember everything else. The question was how the hell was I going to get it?     

The End

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