Delia - RuningMature

I sat in the field outside calmly. I was listening out. I must admit the hearing was incredible from the talking inside to the swish of the wind moving leaves across the ground. I shoke my head, this is what he wants. For me to want more of his blood and to beg for it.

But I won't I'm detirmined to not want it. I get to my feet and begin to jog round the building. Soon I'm running but its strange cause my minds still thinking its a jog. I shake my head and continue round the building. I finish up soon not even tired after three laps which is my usual limit. I begin to panic and sit down breathing heavily. When is the effect of his blood going to run off. Why can't it just go away?

The entire memory of it as well. The taste, the feel and the after effects. I begin to rock. "Its irresistable isn't it" a voice whispers in my ear. I jump and spin round only realising how fast I did it a few seconds later. "The taste of my blood" Terry whispers. "The wanting it just so you can taste the pleasure. Feel the speed of a true predator, hear for miles"

As he was talking he approached me walking slowly. My breath was heavy getting more panicky every second. Terry reaches out and stroke my cheek. I shiver and this only makes Terry smile. "Join me Delia. You will live forever. Have the speed you're always reaching for" He whispers leaning in. His lips are on my neck and I feel breathless. I don't like Terry but the things he's saying.... offering are incredible.

Slowly Terry bites my neck. I don't scream and dont move. After a few gulps he pulls back, he cuts his wrist again and holds it close to my mouth. I swallow nervously then take his arm and press my lips to the cut. "NO! No, not her!!!" I'm barely aware of the other girls screams.

But I am when she pushes me away. "You're turning her" the girl cries to Terry. "Why not me?" But suddenly she falls unconsious. Terry catches her body and lowers her to the ground before walking over to me standing straight and frightened.

"A bit more" He says holding up his wrist again. I nod and begin to re-drink from the cut. There are no more interruptions as I finish drinking and once again pass out. But I know this time when I wake up.... I will have no pulse.
Damn, Ryan's going to be pissed when he see's Terry carrying me in. And I know Faith will be disapointed.... wait, maybe I could get her out.

The End

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