Person Number 3: Doubt.Mature

Number 1's scream wasn't the first thing that woke me up. I was half awake, my mind constantly turning over what had happened between Number 2 and Terry. He had acted almost as though that would have been a punishment. I don't see how. I want him to do that to me so badly. It would be the furthest thing from a punishment that I can imagine.

That's not the only thing that was already keeping me awake, though. After Number 2 rejected Terry's blood, I was seething. In a bid not to start an all out war against a girl, I'd gone outside and punched the wall. Repeatedly. I hit the bricks until the skin on my knuckles split and bled. I think one of them might have cracked - it still hurts like a bitch. I was nursing my hand with gritted teeth when Terry carried Number 1 back over to her sofa. He didn't notice that I was awake, or that I was glaring at Number 1.

When she wakes up and stumbles off to the kitchen area to make Terry a coffee, I pad over to her quietly, creeping up behind her. I reach a hand around and clamp it over her mouth, making her jump and drop the teaspoon. It falls onto the counter with a loud clatter, but no one else seems to notice. I spin her around and push her back against the counter, keeping my hand on her mouth.

"Very sneaky," I hiss, "going to see Terry while we're all asleep." All apart from me, at any rate.

"What?" she asks, her surprised voice muffled in my hand. I feel her warm breath on my hand resist the urge to pull it away from the moisture.

"Worried, are you? Did it keep you up all night, wondering if his words to you were true?" I see a spark of pain ignite her eyes and smile a little. "You're not... jealous, are you?" her face falls a little into this sad face as she shrugs. The pain in her eyes seems to have stolen her words and I lower my hand, satisfied. She looks up at my face and heaves a sigh.

"I suppose you're more handsome than I am beautiful." You suppose? I thought that one was a given.

"Remember your place, Number 1," I turn and start to walk away, but she follows me, trudging over to the sofa. She sits down, looking glum, but I've lost any kind of sympathy for her. Not that I had any to begin with.

"Did you want to finish his coffee then?" she asks, "he likes it black," she adds, glancing up at me. I shrug. A coffee won't make much difference to how much he loves either of us. I wander back over to it anyways, though, and pick it up. I hear Number 1 begin to cry behind me, but I ignore it, taking the coffee in the direction of Terry's room.

But before I can reach his door, he's already walking over.

"Terry!" I smile, offering him the mug, drawing a depressed sigh from Number 1's lips. He takes it from me with a slight frown.

"Did Person Number 1 make this, Person Number 3?" he asks, sipping from the coffee. Uh oh. I nod.

"I interrupted her. I'm sorry," I mumble. Lying would be no use - he would see right through it and disapprove or punish me. He gives me a disapproving look anyway and I feel my heart sink.

"You were willing to take the credit for her?" I shake my head, looking at the floor, trying not to bite my lip or feel like a little kid being told off at elementary school. I didn't want to take the credit for her; I just gave it to him. Was that wrong? "Oh you were trying to impress me." He doesn't give me a chance to reply, walking over to Number 1. I watch incredulously as he speaks to her, apparently having forgotten about my existence in the space of a heartbeat. "Is something wrong?" he asks her. She shrugs and Terry reaches out, caressing her cheek.

When he puts on a seductive tone, my mind goes blank. "Don't you remember last night?" he queries softly. My mouth drops open and I want to say something - anything to make him stop hurting me. But I can't make my mind work. Anything I might have said is gone from my head.

Closing my mouth again, I stare down at my feet, watching as they take me to the door that leads outside. I can't make up my mind if I want to punch that wall again or if I just want to sit and cry like a total girl.

Terry appears before me, blocking my way. "Person Number 3, you know I love you."

"So why do you insist on poking holes in my conviction?" I whisper, realising that doubt is finally beginning to creep in.

He lifts my chin, making me look up, but I don't look in his eyes. "It's fun to play with other people's hearts. Especially when they're stupid and they mean nothing to you." He leans in and kisses me, but as much as I want to, I can't kiss back.

"Is that what I am? Stupid and meaningless?" It's amazing how quickly doubt can infect your mind. Not twenty minutes ago, I was sure of myself, sure that I was the only one Terry loved...

He forces me to meet his eyes, staring deep into them. It feels like he's just walked inside my head and swept away my insecurity. "No, of course not. You are the only one I love, the only person that matters to me. You're different. Special." He kisses me again. This time I kiss back, feeling the reassurance behind the kiss and the confidence return to my mind. I wrap my arms around him and rest my head on his shoulder, taking comfort from his hand stroking up and down my back and the strong grip he holds me in.

"I'm sorry," I murmur quietly, "don't let me doubt you again."


The End

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