Person Number 1: Thoughts of a Possessive NatureMature

I was really getting annoyed now. Despite Terry's assurances, I couldn't help but hate the new girl he brought in. Especially since she was so pretty. And since that evening I'd gone to see Terry in his room, I could swear the other three had had more attention paid to them than me.

I could see the new girl wanted Terry. I wasn't surprised: he was irresistible. That Delia girl (I should call her Person Number 2 because Terry prefers that) was strange for hating him.

I couldn't believe he did a blood exchange with her! Seriously! It just wasn't on. I loved him and all that, but sometimes, I just wanted to strangle him.

I couldn't let Person Number 3 know that. If Person Number 3 knew that he had an advantage over me, he'd leap at the opportunity to prove he was closer to Terry. Even though I'd acted confident during our argument and shown unwavering conviction that Terry loved me most, the feelings deep within me were starting to become difficult to disguise. Why oh why did he have to have other people here?

I would rather die than admit this aloud, but I was envious of Person Number 3. His bliss seemed to last a lot longer than mine. I mean, the last time Terry had carried him out of his room, he'd looked euphoric, like he was soaring with eagles in his dreams. He moaned a lot in that dream...

It hurt. It really did. The way that although I knew Terry loved me the most, he still evoked the same feelings from other people. I wanted him all for my own.

The night after the blood exchange Terry forced Delia into, I stayed up until everyone was asleep, and went to visit him again. After all, he'd had no problem with Person Number 3 seeing him again.

I knocked cautiously.

"Enter," came a tired voice.

I opened the door, slightly concerned at just how worn out Terry's voice had been, and walked in, closing the door quietly behind me.

Terry was leaning back in his armchair with his eyes closed and one hand to his forehead.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Are you okay?" I asked anxiously.

"Oh, phew, it's you, Person Number 1. I don't need much energy to control you."

"You think I need to be controlled?" I asked in surprise.

Terry lowered his hand and opened his eyes, smiling faintly. "Well, I'm thinking about the times I have to make you fall asleep too, so a little."

I smiled back. "As long as I'm not too much trouble."

"Never you."

I frowned. "I bet that Delia girl is though. I don't get why she doesn't fancy you. Furthermore, I don't understand why you try so hard with her. You have me: you don't need anyone else."

I sighed as my thoughts continued unspoken, wandering over to the subject of Person Number 3.

Terry heaved himself up, walked over to me and caressed my cheek gently.

"I would do anything for you," I said, avoiding his gaze. "I would go anywhere, be anything: I would even die for you, Terry. But you keep on doing this to me. I know I'm the one you love the most, but it's not enough. I want to be the only one you love."

Terry snorted. "You're a bit possessive."

I looked up and resisted my thoughts' attempt to lose myself. "I'm very possessive. Because you're mine. I know you're the one who brought me here but since you did and showed interest in my feelings for you, you're mine too. I can't bear to see you with anyone else, Terry."

I sighed and averted my eyes. "Please don't break my heart."

Terry walked away and returned to the armchair. He sat down and shook his head slightly. He looked up, a slightly mad glint in his eyes.

"So you want my love?"

I nodded. "All of it."

"Well no one can give it all in one go," he said evasively, and inside I was disappointed. "But come here and I'll try not to disappoint you again."

I walked forwards reluctantly. All of a sudden, Terry leapt to his feet and violently sank his fangs into my neck. It was extremely painful and I screamed from the burning agony of it, almost writhing from it. But he clicked his fingers which strangely seemed to lead on to the best experience of my life. He stopped drinking my blood and kissed me. He was acting quite ferocious, but I found I enjoyed this. Everything went too quickly and by the time I'd regained my senses, I was in a whirl of confusion.

At some point I fell asleep because the next thing I knew, I woke up on my sofa feeling dizzy, sick, and finding myself unable to see properly.

I staggered through these feelings to make Terry a cup of black coffee.

The End

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