Delia - BloodMature

Faith didn't scream out in pain when Terry bit her but the other girl looked a bit smug but also annoyed watching. Tears trailed down Faith's cheeks and a pain formed in my chest.
Why did I have to watch this? Why did this even have to happen? These thoughts pounded in my head until I couldn't take it anymore.

The moment Terry pulled back my fist swung into his face. I must admit my fist hurt painfully and I cursed when I pulled my hand back but it was worth it to see Terry stumble back to a wall. And see him bleed.
Well.... seems he's that type of vampire. Terry looked shocked as he stared at me. Everyone looked shocked and I must admit I probably looked pretty pissed off. Terry reached up to touch his nose and pulled his hand back staring at the blood like it was foreign.

It probably was. Slowly Terry smiled and I knew something was wrong. He should be furious. Punching me back more likely but instead he's smiling. But he's just smiling. The way someone would if they knew something you didn't.
Ryan came back in from when he'd stumbled out to the kitchen at some point. He looked as confused and shocked as everyone else.

"Seems I'll have to teach you some other way.... Delia" Those words frighten me but before I even have time to breath Terry's in front of me. I at first think he's going to drink my blood but he doesn't. He uses his teeth to cut his wrist before pressing it to my mouth.
Oh god no, I turn my face away but Terry forces my faces back with a firm finger. Behind I can see the others watching shocked and almost frozen.

I keep my lips tightly closed biting them shut. Terry growls and blocks my nose. Eventually I gasp through my mouth and he put his wrist to my mouth before I can close it.
The taste of his blood hits my tongue and.... I almost moan but I continue to struggle. "Haha, Never seen a human try and fight the temptation of the forbidden wine before" Terry says smiling.

But I'm not fight it. I'm only trying to struggle from his grip. When the truth is I'm keeping my mouth open and not even trying to close. The taste of his blood is.... perfect but like he said almost a forbidden type of perfect. But strangely I pass out.


I wake up to my whole body aching. Faith is sitting over me and strangely... everythings to bright. What happened? I look at Faith whose frowning. I put my hand to my chest suddenly remembering and sigh heavily when I feel the thump of my heart.
"He said he wasn't finished" Faith whispers. I look at her seeing her fear. "When he left to his room he said he wasn't done and I realised how when you still had a pulse"

I shake my head then sit up burying it in my hands. "What am I doing? If I can't defend myself from that again... I'm not gonna have a pulse next time I can feel it" I whisper. "I mean I shouldn't hear the motorway from six miles away"

Faith frowns and neither of us speak but when I look at the other two I can see they are fuming. I bet they both want what he did to me but I can tell...... he doesn't care about either of them. He doesn't care about me. He's just having fun.

The End

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