Person Number 3: Together ForeverMature

When I'd closed Terry's door behind me, he smiled warmly up at me from the chair and rose, wrapping his arms firmly around my waist. I leant into him softening like butter just before it melts completely. He kissed my neck and I hummed happily, turning my head to meet his lips with mine.

"I want to please you," I murmur into his skin as I push my fingers through his hair, "I want to give you everything." A strange look flickered across his face. If I didn't know better, I'd have said it was something like disgust. It was gone quicker than it had appeared, though, and I thought nothing of it as I pressed myself against him, silently pleading with me to let him use me.

What followed was a blur. I tried to cling desperately to every detail but they seemed to slip through my mind the way sand slips through your fingers. I didn't want to forget a single moment. Terry took me, letting me please him in every way I knew how, even showing me ways I didn't know. Even when I was spent and aching, he continued on and I bent to his will faster than you could say "do it". It was perfect, and perfectly exhausting.

When he was finally done, he kissed my neck and licked away the sweat there before pushing his teeth into my flesh. I shuddered with pleasure. The gratification from a climax comes second only to this.


I wake up on the sofa, groggy and tired, but happier now than I've ever been before. Number 1 can go shove what she thinks is Terry's love up her ass - he's done more for me than he'll ever do for her.

Lying there, I feel the need to thank Terry for his kindness and I end up wondering how I could go about that. I still ache though, and moving from where I am seems like it could be a pretty bad idea. I was dizzy enough earlier, but even the thought of moving now makes me feel nauseous.

Which is when I realise I've not eaten anything for ages. I've been too busy thinking of ways to make Terry happy and love me more to consider eating. Is that greedy? To want to make him love me more?

Probably. But I can't seem to get enough of his love.

Closing my eyes, I try to push the nausea away and prop myself up slowly on my elbows. If I get over to the kitchen area at this pace before I pass out again, it'll be a bloody miracle.

Finally, I manage to get to my feet and stagger over to the kitchen area, looking for the most sugary thing available.

As I eat a candy bar, I wonder if my dizziness is entirely down to eating. I brush my fingers over the little scars peppering the left side of my neck and frown. Did he take too much from me? Blood, I mean. It's not hard to figure out what he is, after all. It doesn't affect how I feel for him, but if what if he gets so hungry that he kills me one day?

A thrill of fear races through me, followed by questions. If he takes too much will he make me like him? We could literally be together forever. Would he want that? Is that what this is all about? To see who's worthy of staying with him for life? A small smile creeps over my lips at the thought. He loves me, so I must be close, right?

The idea of being Terry's lover forever fills me with hope and as I grab another candy bar, wandering back over to my sofa, I feel so elated and full of gratitude and love for Terry that it's a wonder I can contain it all.


The End

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