Faith- Whoa brainwash alert.Mature


Get it Faith, you have to get it. I blinked open my eyes, hoping that everything was a dream. I sat up on the couch looking around the dimming lit room. No I was still living the nightmare. My body felt stiff as I stood up, I noticed Delia on the other side of the room on the laptop and an Ipod in her hand.

There was another girl reading some heavy looking book. Watching her I suddenly felt irritable. I started pacing clenching and unclenching my hands. Get it Faith, you have to get it. Get what? What is it? I sighed in frustration running my hands through my hair.

I felt trapped, seeing the door I wondered if we could go outside. Terry door was still shut, I also needed to wash and change my grubby clothes. Finally gaining the courage I opened the door. It was late afternoon the sun was just setting, looking around I saw two other buildings, and walking over to them I found out that they were toilet/shower blocks.

A boy who I recognized from before came out his hair wet from the shower. "Hey." I called over to him, he stopped walking looking over at me.

"Hi." Ok I'll walk over to you I thought.

"Who are you then?" I asked smiling.

"I'm per-

"Wait. No I mean you real name, not the one he's brainwashed you with." If looks could kill, I'll be flat on my back by now. My smile vanished from my face as he looked at me with pure hatred.

"It's none of your business." He snapped at me walking back to the warehouse. Whoa what happened there?

I carried on walking to the other building, thinking what Delia told me about the other people here. Ryan that was his name. I noticed a purple bag that I was instantly drawn to, not because of the toiletries that I soo desperately needed. No it was the colour.

After taking a hot shower I went over to the mirror so I could do my hair. I whipped away the condensation on the mirror, seeing my reflexion for the first time.

"O'shit!" I gasped seeing the graze mark on my neck. It could have been worse of Delia hadn't have jumped him. "Shit, shit shit!"

"Why whatever wrong person number four?" Terry voice came from behind me whispering in my ear. "Tell me."

I kept my back to him holding the towel that was around my body. "I don't have any clean clothes."

"Who needs clothes with a body like yours?" He told me kissing my bare shoulders. "But yes you do need clothes, that's why I'm here I brought you some." Terry moved away from me picking up a bag and holding it out to me.

"Thank you Terry." I took the bag not looking in it.

"Your welcome. Get dressed fast; I miss not seeing your beauty around me." When he was gone I sighed and looked through the bag, half excepting it to be dull plain clothes but it wasn't. Dresses, skirts, tops and jeans all neatly folded all colourful.

"Wow." Again I was drawn to the colour purple, picking up a deep purple vest top and finding some black combats in the bag. Carrying the bag I went back inside. When I walked back the boy Ryan was no where to be seen, I checked the kitchen grabbing an apple and two cans of cokes.

"Thanks." Delia takes the can that I offer her smiling.

"I should be saying thanks to you, after what you did so thank you." I sit on the floor leaning against her couch. "Where's Ryan gone?" I asked playing with the apple.

"Went storming into Terry office." She informed me taking a sip of her coke.

"No surprising." I muttered getting up of the floor needing something more sugary. I was too busy looking at Terry closed to watch where I was going.

"Hey watch it!" It was the other girl, wonder what her name was.

"Sorry I didn't see you I was-

"Too busy gazing at Terry door, wishing that you were in there with him I bet." The girl eyed me carefully her gaze stopping at my neck and a smug like smile went over her face. "O know wonder you want him to see you."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked feeling my temper rise.

"Well he's bit everyone else, are you feeling left out?" She questioned me, I gasped at her.

"Unlike you little girl, I don't care." I snapped at her.

She didn't like me calling her ‘little girl' but she kept that off her face. "I think you do, I understand really I do." She moved closer to me whispering "Between you and me Terry loves me."

"My god, he really has got you whipped." Terry door opened and I watched as the girl face turned to love for this guy. Terry was carrying Ryan in his arms, he walked over to the couch placing Ryan down and running his fingers over Ryan neck. I could stop staring at the bite mark on his neck.

"See you want it just as much as me." The girl observed. Dammit! Terry was also watching me, next thing I knew Terry right in front of me. In the corner of my eye Delia stood up looking tens.

"Are you feeling left out person number four?" Are eyes were locked and I nodded without knowing that I was doing it. Terry smiled liking my answer; he ran his fingers along my neck and breathing in my scent.

I prayed that Delia wouldn't jump him this time. I didn't want her getting into anymore trouble, but as I looked into those sapphire eyes another thought crossed my mind. I didn't want anyone distracting us, maybe I was feeling left out and it was only fair that he fed of me to.

I let Terry kiss me his lips going down to my throat. I still however felt myself struggle in his arms.

One of his hands went in my hair pulling my neck back. "No, no!" I whimpered before feeling his teeth graze my skin. "No." I whispered when his fangs finally bite into my skin.    




The End

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