Delia - Break upMature

I ignored Ryan and no-name girls' bickering and leaned against Terry's door listening in. Something was taking a while. I pushed open the door and there he was leaning down to bite Faith. I could see she was struggling slightly and immediatly reacted.
I jumped and Terry. The suddeness of it shocked him and he fell over. I didn't remaining on my feet. I grab Faith's hand and begin to run out of the room with her. But I don't reach the door in time.

Terry stands blocking the door and closes it lightly. He looks at me with amusement. He grabs my neck and lifts me up. I begin to choke and kick out but he's holding me to far away so I can make contact. I scrap at him arm gasping. Terry smiles and slowly sneers. "You are not learning are you, Delia. The one bag of blood here that doesn't even try to stay out of trouble" Terry whispers.

"Go to hell" I choke and bring my knee up. I hits against the joint of his arm and he winces dropping me. I land in a heap choking and coughing. Faith begins to head over to me but I shoot a look at her.
She stops just in time. Terry glares at me angrily then strides across. He picks me up by the front of my shirt.

"Interupt my dinner, I'm still hungry. Actually fight back" He smirks. "Now I'm impressed" Then he leans in and doesn't bite me but kisses me. Roughly and..... full with respect. I don't how I can tell but I can. And even though I'm resistance to his hypnosis mentally I can feel my muscles purr, the unwanted shivers travel down my spine.

I can't let him do this too me though. I kick out but before it hits Terry has stepped back. He's smiling and I can see Faith's horror and confusion in her eyes. Luckily not on her face. Terry would notice that. He laughs.
"I quite like you actually, Delia. You seem to have quite a spirit its very amusing. Hopefully it wont harm my stay in this place" He says.

Then suddenly everything goes black. Its only later I realise that that time. Terry, didn't say my name sarcastically and in his eyes there was sort of a twinkle. God, what have I done.


I wake up on my couch and I see Faith across also asleep. The other girl is sitting up and obviously pissed off. It seems Ryan's missing as well. Terry's door is closed but I doubt he's in there cause I see fresh bite marks on the no-name girls neck. He must have ended up taking a sip from her.
I glance at Faith and see he neck graze. Well, at least she's safe for now. I swallow and shake my head.

What did I do back in there? That was stupid and not even thought out a tiny bit. I'd just jumped right in. And something tells me that I've now started something and Terry isn't finished with me.
That twinkle in his eyes showed joy. Like some form of it but the genuine joy wasn't fake. Wasn't created by hypnosis. Wasn't played out.... it was real.

But what reason would Terry have to be joyful? Something tells me.... not good at all and the problem is..... It involves me and that makes it even worse in my eyes.

The End

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