Person Number 3: competitionMature

I drifted out of Terry's room dreamily, a little dizzy, but blissful. He loved me and that was all that mattered. I'd stretched out on a sofa, eyes closed, listening curiously to Person Number 2 talking to Person number 4 about escaping. Why would they want to escape from this?

My eyes snap open when Terry talks to Person number 4, though. He leads her into his room and despite his assurances that I'm the only one he cares for, I can't help but feel a little... dubious. Which is silly... I shouldn't feel like that at all. I push it aside and watch as Person Number 2 wanders back over to all the stuff she brought back with her and Person Number 1 sits on the sofa opposite me, glaring intermittently at me. I flash her a smug smile and close my eyes again.

"What are you smirking about?" Person Number 1 asks curiously. I put my hands under my head and get comfy on the sofa.

"Oh, nothing."

"There must be something." Of course there's something. But why should I... oh wait. It'll make her jealous. That could be fun.

"Terry," I say slowly, opening my eyes to watch her reaction, "loves me."

"You wish," she snorts, and I sigh contentedly. I can still hear his silky voice telling me I'm the one he loves most, my mind happily replaying it over and over. There's no measure of doubt that could penetrate me now. "You're such a dreamer," her voice cuts in irritably, "Terry loves me." And you're calling me the dreamer? Jog on, kiddo.

"I'm sure he does, darling," I murmur in the most patronising tone I can muster, giggling.

"You sound so gay," she chuckles and I roll my eyes. I sound camp, not gay. There's a difference, people. "I hate to break it to you but he loves me."

"Yes, you've said. You're lying to yourself. Give up now before you get hurt." And I'm not talking emotional pain, either.

"It's no lie. He said so himself." I narrow my eyes and look back at the ceiling, but not before I catch her sticking out her tongue at me.  

"He said it to me, too, whispered it in my ear with a kiss like a lover," I recount it with a smile, feeling the bliss regain its hold on my mind as I remember it all over again.

"A kiss? Terry's kissed me more than anyone here." Is she competing with me? Oh, this is so on.

"Several kisses, if you must know. I didn't think you wanted a blow by blow account of what happened."

"Well I wouldn't care if you did: the kisses meant nothing, in your case." She laughs and I bristle a little. Terry loves me, and that's an unquestionable, unavoidable fact.

"I'm sure they meant even less in yours," I spit, suddenly getting irritable. How can she believe Terry loves her more? She smiles at my frustration and it only serves to wind me up more.

"See: you're starting to doubt yourself. I am absolutely certain of Terry's feelings for me." I sit up sharply, ignoring the wave of dizziness that hits as I move quickly. My eyes meet hers, smouldering with anger.

"You're a fucking idiot," I snap, "he doesn't fucking love you, he never will so why don't you shut up and stop humiliating yourself right now?"

"No, why should I shut up when I'm right? And your language is appalling. Terry's much better than that. He probably feels sorry for you."

"Don't you get all high and mighty! It's you he pities," I growl, wishing there was some separate room where I could get away from the obnoxious bitch. I don't think I've ever hated someone so thoroughly or so quickly in my life. And I've met some pretty awful people in my life.

I think.

I jump to my feet and storm off, knocking into her as I pass her on the way out. Bitch deserves it.

I squint into the sunlight as I walk out to the toilet block. I've gotten used to the semi darkness of the warehouse and suddenly being in such a bright light is a shock, actually. Slinking off to the toilets, I feel a little better inside, but I'm not about to go back into the warehouse with that girl in there, even if being outside makes me edgy. I still don't like the idea of being outside without Terry's permission.

The thing is... I don't doubt what Terry said to me - that I'm the one he loves, that the others are unimportant. But Person Number 1 seems equally as adamant that she's the only one he loves.

I need to find a way to prove to her that she's wasting her time on him. Only thing is... how?


The End

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