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When Terry brought back another girl. I watched slightly smug. He couldn't make her forget her name either. When he headed back to his room he saw me smiling and stopped. Opps... I backed away slowly panicking slightly. But when he strided over all he did was tilt up my chin.
"Don't look so smug, Delia. At least that girl knows how to behave.... unlike some" He says looking my up and down like food. Which I am to him.

"I told you before. I am no puppet and you will NOT control me ever" I hiss. Terry bares his teeth, or should I say fangs, before kissing me roughly. Why the hell does he kiss me when it doesn't make a difference. Maybe its cause he knows when he does it that it pisses me off big time. He pulls away rubs my cheek with his thumb and goes to his room.

I spit on to the floor and wipe my mouth before turning and running over to the new girl. "Hey, I'm Delia" I say jumping on to the end of the couch. She looks at me slightly worried. But coughs before answering.

"I'm Faith" The girl says. We shake hands and her eyes look over to the door Terry went through. "Who is he?"
Oh my gosh! She's not falling in love with him. I see the dreamy look but its closer to a wanting than an obsession, like the other two. Its like.... a way a best friend would look at the other if they were worried.

"He's called Terry..... I don't know why we're here. Only that he wants us here under his control. That's why he tries to make us forget our names. The other two, I've only got a name from the boy. It's Ryan but the other girl absolutely hates me" I say with a shrug.

"He wants us here? What for? I mean he must have a motive and he wouldn't have picked me if it was about money" Faith says shaking her head. "I'm sorry but... I feel like I've lost something" She looks around the room almost in a daze.

"It's probably something you left behind" I mutter. "And I think the reason he wants us here is not for money... he has enough of that" I gesture to my techno corner. "I know you're gonna think I'm crazy but... I think its cause he's a vampire. He wants us here for blood"

"That's ridiculous" She stutters.

"Look at my neck" I pull back my hair and tilt my head so she can see the pinprick scars easier. I hear Faith swallow then begin to stutter. Uh, okay. Maybe not the best way to break the news.

"Has he bitten everyone here.... Am I next? Oh god, please says I'm not. If he tries to bite me I will kick him so hard-"
I clamp a hand over her mouth look at the others then the door to Terry's room. It still remains shut. I sigh heavily and look back at Faith my hand still over her mouth.

"Do you want him to get annoyed and bite you? Besides... I think if you relax it doesn't hurt cause I seem to be the only one hating it at the moment" I mutter slowly pulling my hand away. Faith swallows and looks at Terry's door then back to me.

"What are we going to do?" She whispers.

"I don't know but.... I think you should behave. Maybe you can find out things that I don't know by pretending to be like them... all loved up and such. I've blown my cover but if we work together I'm sure we can find a way out of here" I say looking directly at her.
Slowly she nods and I hold out my hand. She takes it in a firm shake and its at that moment Terry's door opens.

He looks across at us. I notice the dreamy look is in Faith eyes so to play it off as a bit more seems almost natural when Terry strides across the room to us. "Person number four... may I speak with you?" He asks addressing Faith but occassionally looking at me suspiciously.

"Of corse" Faith says smiling brightly. Terry smiles smugly and offers his hand. Faith takes it and allows him to pull her to his feet. He leads her across the room and just before she reaches the door she looks back.
I nod serious and mouth 'relax. She nods and does just that. I watch the tension fall out of her muscles as the door closes.

The End

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