Person numer four. But I'm Faith too.Mature


"I can't believe you went with him Jessica!" I shouted to my ex-best friend in my kitchen.

"We didn't do anything! I wouldn't do that to you, you're my best friend Faith. After everything that we've been through together." Jessica replied.

"You slept with him; you went behind my back when I was out of town. How could you?"

"No we, we didn't. I didn't do anything." She was lying to me, it was written all over her face.

"Your lying to me, just get out I never want to see you again." I said in hard dismissing voice.

"Faith, please come on. It wasn't like that, believe me it wasn't." She begged me to believe her. But how can you believe someone that's being lying to you? My dad lied to me all my life, about my mum running off with her boss when I was only five years old.

"Get out!" I snapped.


I was busy working in my notebook to notice my dad at my bedroom door.

"What you working on?" He asked pointing to my notebook.

"This and that. You know me." I told him without looking at him directly. Secret was that this notebook held every detail of my life. I would draw people, places in town but mostly I wrote things. It was the most precious thing that I owned.

"Are you coming for dinner, I've got someone round and he wants to see you." He told me, something was a miss with his voice.

"He wants to see me, who the hell is he?" I asked.

"A friend. He was looking at your school picture and asked about you. So I told him." That was only half a lie, all of his friends knew who I was, but there was something that I couldn't work out.

"Fine I'll be there in a minute let me just finish this." I finished scathing out my name in fancy writing, then finding the purple pen I added tiny roses going down the ‘F' then a blue pen for my last name.


The ‘friend' introduced himself as Terry. I watched carefully as he talked to my dad about work. I also watched as my dad acted around him, almost dreamily like. Terry would occasionally look my way scanning me up and down.

"Faith that is a lovely name." Terry voice soft and gentle it made my skin crawl.

"Is it?" I questioned in a harsh voice.

"Why yes it is, it's on of my favourite names." Full of charm, his eyes looking over me again. I studied him too; I smirked knowing that he was lying to me. "I wonder what you fate shall be?" He laughed in his throat a deep laugh that sent shivers down my spin. 

"Excuse me." Taking my plate to the sink and throwing it in the bowl the water splashing up the wall.   

"Faith O'Riley you will come a clean that up now!" My dad snaps at me, I huffed and ran up the stairs to my room grabbing my shoulder bag. I ran the brush through my light blond hair before taking my notebook.


"How can you see what you're writing Faith?" I jumped at the voice that interrupted the silence and spurn round to see Terry sitting next to me on the park bench. I hadn't notice that sun had gone down, the lamppost was shinning down on me. I was also to busy writing about what happened to day.

"What are you doing here?" I kept the surprise look of my face, turning to face him.

"That depends." He shrugged.

"On what?" I asked closing the notebook and putting it in my shoulder bag.

"If you want me to lie to you or not."

"You wha-

Blackness over took my eyes and Terry face was gone.


"Ugh. Where the hell am I?" I found myself slummed in a chair, looking round I worked out that I must be in some sorts of an office or study. Whatever it was I needed to get out and get home. I stand up bushing my blue skirt and white vest top.

As I touched the door handle a cold hand touched my shoulder. "And where do you think your going, person number four?" The cold hand moved my hair over my shoulder as he spoke. "Forget your name, your family, your address"    

I gasped feeling his breath against my skin, I turned round to face him feeling drawn to his sapphire eyes.

"I hate my family, I hate my house." I stepped back feeling the door. "But I will never forget my name."

"Person numbers four, forget your name, your family and address. You are now person number four. Repeat it." His eyes where looking sky blue eyes, my body wanted to look at his. But I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye. "You won't course me trouble will you, person number four. Repeat it, now."

Something clicked in my head before I knew what was happening the words followed from my mouth. "I'm person number four."

"Good girl."

But I am also Faith I thought. Wait what did he do? How can I remember my name? These something else. Something important. I need it. I need it get me out of here. What is it?

The End

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