Delia - Why does everyone here flipping worship him?Mature

When Ryan leaves I'm furious. Why are they all so willing to be drones? Called things that aren't even name. Follow his every word like puppets. Please like a fucking dog. I stop my pacing and lean back against the wall with a sigh. The other girl is asleep on her couch and suddenly Terry's door opens.

Terry walks out Ryan's body in his arms. When he lowers him down to the couch he looks up at me. "I don't like your meddling, person number two. Its starting to get annoying these two questioning me" Terry says straightening up. He pushes a hand back through his hair and I watch silently.
Why does everyone here like this guy? I see nothing attractive about him. I mean sure his body is young and major fit but.... his eyes contain a depth so old. And he's so heartless its shocking.

He looks across at me and smiles. "I suppose I'll have to get you all better food to eat.... will you accompany me to the shops, person number three. Of corse I can't call you that outside.... so....." He trails off tapping his lips.

"Call me Delia" I say simply. "Since thats actually my name" I narrow my eyes at. Terry narrows his own looking at me carefully where I lean agains the wall arms folded. Slowly he smiles.
If I didn't know what he was and how heartless he really if I'd probably blush at that. I mean, he has that charm that many people fall so easily for.

"Well then, Delia. Are you ready to go shopping?" He asks.


"You push the trolley" I say grabbing one then gesturing him to take it which he does. Okay, so I seriously didn't expect him to take me anywhere. Especcially not Tesco's of all places.
I feel like I should take the chance to escape but even with how much I dislike Terry. I don't want to leave his presense. I suppose that the hypnosis he's working but I don't dare try escape any way. He's surely a lot faster than me.

"What is miss Delia surgesting for food?" Terry says following me leaning forward on the trolley lazily.

"Fruit, Veg, Bread, Pasta... I noticed you only have coffee back at the kitchen and a few piece of food" I say looking at him eyebrow raised. He smiles and then slowly shrugs.

"I like coffee" He says. Slowly he leans in close and my breath goes uneven. "And a few other things" He looks at my neck and an unwanted shiver shakes my body. He seems to find this appealing and smiles at me in a flirty sort of way. I narrow my eyes then turn away walking down the aisle.

He doesn't speak as I grab stufff and when I ask him about the price he tells me not to worry so I dont. Thats when we reach the games aisle. "Hey wait a sec" He says. He takes my arm and pulls me down to the technology section.


"Why did you buy me that?" I whisper as we drive back. Terry looks over at me then scans me up and down before looking back at the road. "I don't like you and you buy stuff for the other girl and guy cause they're behaving. Why buy me something?"

Terry shrugs as if its not a big deal. And it probably isn't to him. What the hell? A laptop, Ipod, dsi, games, music and extra ain't much?
I shake my head. Well I'm going to have my techno corner back at the warehouse it seems.

The End

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