Delia - BreakingMature

I watched the other girl painfully. I wish I knew her real name. I mean I can't just call her 'person number one' even though she believes thats her name. I don't think it can be her name.
But I don't know what I believe and think anymore. Everything is so complicated. I mean Terry seems to be twisting not only this girls mind but the new boy that arrived.... I don't know his name either.

"Hey" The boy looks up at me.

"Is there something you want?" He asks simply seeming annoyed at my interuption of him looking at Terry.
I mean seriously I don't protest against his feeling for the same gender but serious... yuck! What does anyone see in that guy?

"Yeah, I was thinking we could talk" I say sitting next to him and pulling my knees to my chest. "Whats your name?"

"Person numb-"

"No" I say interupting him and sitting up on to my knees so I'm kneeling facing him looking directly at him. "Not what he told you. What your actuall name is?" I can tell my eyes are pleading but slowly the boy replies.

I can tell its hard for him to speak the words but I get a name. "I..I'm R-Ryan?" He seems to question himself as he says it frowning. I smile brightly and put a hand on his shoulder. He looks at me confused.

"Its nice to meet you Ryan" I say. "Hey.... you want to go outside. I believe its quite sunny"

"Are we allowed?" Ryan asks. Allowed?!?! God, what are you seventeen? Eighteen? I stare at him confused before shaking my head throwing the thoughts away and looking directly at him.

"Of corse we're allowed its only outside" I say with a faint smile. Ryan nods and I smile. "Come on" I take his hand and stand up pulling him to his feet. I lead him out of the warehouse and the warmth of the sun as it hits my skin makes me sigh. I let go of Ryan's hand and spin arms wide.
"Isn't this wonderful?" I say turning back to smile at him. A smile slowly builds on his own face.


"So you're from America?" I say smiling across at him. We eventually came back inside and Terry seemed to notice. He seemed pissed but continued to talk and flirt with the other girl.
Eventually they disapeared into his room which is why we came on to this topic? I want to know more about these people. Try and find a reason why we're all here. How we got here? I try to remember back but my minds just blank.

"I believe so I mean I remember living there..... I think" Ryan's brow creases and I put my hand over his.

"Don't strain yourself to remember.... Besides I don't think we're meant to" I mutter looking to Terry's closed door. Ryan follows my line of sight and frowns before looking at me.

"I don't want to talk about something that will not make him like me" Ryan says. "I really like him"

I sigh heavily looking away. "He doesn't like any of us" I say it too quietly for Ryan to hear but he sees the sadness and anger on my face. I shake my head and look back at him smiling. "So you're Bi, right ? I think thats cool" Just not your taste in guys like Terry.

The End

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