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The following night, Terry brought another person!

The day had been spent resentfully breakfasting and eating lunch with Delia, and reading my books which were a great escape from the annoying girl who tried to suggest Terry was a vampire of all things.

Terry had gone out, at the same time as usual, Delia had borrowed a book and started to read it as I did the same with another, and there was blissful silence. She had finally realised that I wasn't going to talk to her. Phew.

But when Terry came back, carrying the tall limp body of a sandy-haired adolescent, I wanted to burst into tears. Seeing him caress the guy's cheek was almost heart-breaking.

When Terry asked me and Delia if we wanted to sleep, I was mostly captivated by him and longing to do whatever he asked of me, but a small part of me just wanted to escape the jealousy that gnawed at me.

"Yes, please," I whispered. Terry smiled, making my heart melt and chasing my thoughts away, and approached me, which caused an acceleration in my heartbeat. He lay me down, with such gentleness that I felt truly wonderful, and kissed my forehead. I was in bliss as the world turned black and let me forget it.

When I woke up, I wanted to see Terry. The girl and the boy were asleep (though the girl probably from fatigue - I thought it awfully ungrateful how she didn't want Terry to help her) and darkness filled the room. I wondered why I had woken up when my body usually waited until daybreak. Then I heard the loud aria emanating from Terry's room. I stood up and stole across the room, not wanting to wake up any competition I had for Terry's love, and entered Terry's room.

To my surprise, it was empty. Then the door opened behind me and hands clasped my waist and spun me on the spot.

"Hello Person Number 1," Terry said alluringly.

My heart raced as my emotions soared. "Hey," I whispered.

"Anything been ... troubling you recently?" he asked as he led me over to the seat in the room and sat me down on it. He preferred to stand, and he paced around the room, reminding me very much of police officers questioning suspects.

"Oh no," I lied brightly, not wanting to ruin this perfect moment.

Terry came forwards and knelt before me. He took my hands in his and looked up intently into my eyes. There was a soulful expression in those wondrous sapphire depths.

"I can make it better."

I sighed contentedly. "Everything's perfect when you're around," I told him truthfully.

Terry let go of one of my hands to reach up to caress my cheek. "But I'm not always there. And sometimes I feel your pain, and that really destroys me when you're the one I like most."

"I'm the one you like the most?" I asked in amazement.

Terry nodded. "Who else is so quick to please me? So tell me: what's wrong?" He cocked his head to the side and his eyes increased in hypnotic intensity.

Falling quickly, feeling intoxicated, I replied "The way you bring other people back. I just want it to be you and me. The way you kiss them and touch them when that should only be reserved for me."

Terry's eyes became compelling though his voice remained comforting and calming. "I have too much love in my heart. I know I shouldn't hurt you or lead the others on, but sometimes, I just want to give."

His words were accepted as the truth.

"Repeat after me: 'I am the only one whom Terry loves'."

"I am the only one whom Terry loves," I said, my senses bewitched by him. I instantly believed the statement.

"Was there anything else?" Terry asked.

I shook my head.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet. "Sweet dreams," he murmured, kissing me on the lips. Before I fell asleep, I felt sharp teeth graze against my neck, which was a really fantastic feeling. It helped me sleep more peacefully.

I woke up later than the others the next morning. Delia seemed to look oddly sympathetic. My visit to Terry's room seemed like a dream, but when I saw a smile (which I now realised was a special smile reserved solely for me), I knew it had really happened. I was much more content after that.

The End

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