Delia - My nameMature

When Terry brought a you boy back... I was confused. Surely even though we each seemed to mean nothing for him he surely won't turn that way?
But I watch him smile and stroke the boys cheek which makes him pass out. Terry turned and looked at both of us. I had tried to talk to the other girl but she wouldn't speak to me. It was as if she hated me.

"Do you two wished to sleep as well?" Terry asks calmly inturpting my train of thought. My eyes look up at him and then at the other girl. She's watching him dreamily still and it shocks me so. How can she still like him after he drunk her blood?
Of corse she's still alive but he did it without permission. I had told her about it but she'd only told me not to be silly. That vampires only existed in books and remained there.

"Yes please" The girl whispers. Terry smiles and walks up to her. He presses his lips to her forhead and lays her down. I watch her eyes slowly close and her breathing steady. Then Terry pulls back smiling at her differently more with menace and discust..... actually, how someone would look at there food after a long day. Just plain hunger.

I caused me to gasp and Terry eyes shot over to me. I clamped a hand over my mouth but slowly his eyes narrowed. He stride over to the couch I am on and grabs my chin roughly.
He tilts it up and stares directly into my eyes, searching. "What is it you are afraid of, person number two?" He asks a slight hiss to his words.

"Nothing" I whisper clearly lying. I've begun to shake and I'm trying to pull away get as far away from him..... from this Terry... this creature?!?
Suddenly Terry force my face to turn to the side and up and leans down to my neck. I feel a stinging pain and begin to scream. He's drinking my blood but has not even bothered to make me asleep.

I continue to kick and strugle but Terry pulls my roungly to him carrying me out of the room with the others and into his. He presses me to the wall pinning my wrists and putting his legs against mine so I can't kick, while still keeping his mouth on my neck drinking my blood.
My screams eventually turn to wimpers and it feels like a million years till Terry pulls away. He licks the blood from his lips then teeth and looks at me smugly.

"I will break your spirit eventually human. No matter how tough you are, no matter how much you resist the mind control. I will get what I want from you one way or another" Terry says dropping me. I fall into a heep on the floor and curl in on myself. I let tears stream down my cheeks and press one hand to where he bit me to find it healing up quickly but leaving pin prick scars.

And that does it. I stumble to my feet painfully, leaning against the wall. Terry watches me from where he's sat and flicks a hand at the door. I head towards it my feet heavy, my heartbeat slow. But when I reach the door, I stop and look back at him. "My name's Delia Willis. If you actually knew me you would no I don't give up easily" I whisper then head back to my couch were I curl up and fall to sleep instantly.

The End

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