Delia / Person number 2 ???Mature

I sit on my couch crying and the other girl in the room completely ignores me. I swallow and sniffle nervously. She seems almost angry at me.... no not angry..... Jealous.
Why is she Jealous of me? Is it cause of when Terry kissed me. She seemed to like Terry. I noticed the dreamy look in her eyes when she looked at him.

I shake my head and feel painful tensing in my muscles. I need to run and soon, otherwise my muscles will contract. I get to my feet and move across the room to Terry's door. I see the other girl glare at me when I reach out to knock. The sound is hollow. "Enter" Terry calls from inside.

I swallow and step in. When I see him my hand goes to the side of my throat strangely. He looks up from some book and smiles when he see's me. Its sends unwanted shivers through my body. "I need to run" I whisper.

"Run?" Terry questions raising his eyebrow. "Why is this important?" He seems annoyed at my request.

"My muscles will contract" I mutter. I let my head drop and find my fingers absent-mindedly fiddling. Terry smiles and gets to his feet moving over to me. He tilts my chin up and I wince when he forces me to look at him.

"There are some trainers beneath your couch, person number two" He whispers brushing his lips across mine. "You will only run round the building and I will watch you"

I nod and almost run out of the room to grab the trainers from beneath the couch. I slip them on and they fit almost perfectly. I get up and look up to see Terry speaking with the other girl.
He is whispering and stroking her cheek, like a lover would do. But I can tell that it's only the girl who feels the emotion as her eyes flutter close and she settles into his hand.

"I will be back in a second" He says a little louder then kisses her. I watch with... disgust I think you could say. He turns to me and smiles. "Are you ready?" I nod "Good, lets go"


I finish up my run tired and my muscles burning. I stop and bend my knees leaning forward on them by my arms. I take deep breath and suddenly Terry is in front of me holding a water bottle. I take it from his grip and unscrew it before tilting back my head to drink.
"You seem very resistant, person number two" Terry mutters his eyes narrowing. I look at him and wipe the sweat from my forhead with my forearm.

"I don't see how" I say lowering myself to the grass. I sit with my legs out and lean back on my arms. I turn my face up towards the sky and close my eyes. I can feel Terry watching me and open one eye to see his curious expression. "Why am I here?" I ask suddenly.
This seems to anger Terry. He grabs my arm roughly and drags me inside. When we reach the room with the other girl I finally yank my arm away. "I am not a puppet" I scream.

He spins to face me and slams me to the wall by my throat. "You are here cause you are mine" He snaps in my face. "And you will not fight against me"
I continue to stare at him as I grip at the arm at my throat. He's not choking me but his grip is still painful. Slowly his face turns amused. "You have quite a spirit, person number two"

Then he drops me and I fall to the floor in a heap. He moves away sliding an arm around the other girl who goes limp in his arms. Then he presses his mouth to her throat and I watch in horror as he drinks her blood.
When he's finished he lies her on her couch and leaves without looking back. I don't know whats going on but I can tell it cant be good.

The End

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