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I woke up early the next morning. Terry was asleep on an armchair facing me. He looked very handsome in the dim light that filtered through the window at the top of the warehouse wall facing the sofa I was lying on. Feeling curious, I decided to explore my surroundings. There was a single room leading off the main storage area of the warehouse, but the only things there were a radio, a coffee machine, a miniature fridge and another armchair. Back in the main area, I saw that there were sofas lining the wall facing the one with the door to the small room in it. I hadn't spotted these as I'd seen the room first and wanted to explore that, but now that I really looked, I counted half a dozen! Was Terry bringing more people? This thought brought me a small pang of jealousy, as if I cared about him knowing other people than me. The pang of envy startled and confused me. Terry was my family, wasn't he? I couldn't feel anything different for him.  

Feeling bored, I decided to make Terry a cup of coffee. I went into the single room and ten minutes later, returned, carrying a mug I had found in a cupboard, full of steaming black coffee. There had been no milk or sugar, so I'd assumed this was how Terry liked his coffee. I gently set the coffee down on the floor in front of him and tapped his shoulder tentatively, slightly frightened that he would be grouchy in the morning. When he opened his eyes, I sank to my knees, totally captivated by the mesmerising sapphire depths before me. I found myself willing to do anything he might ask of me. I started to fall into the liquid irises, physically falling forwards to, and then Terry reached out to hold my arms and I blinked, coming back to reality.

"Nice sleep?" he asked in his voice, which I hadn't realised yesterday was wonderfully soft and smooth. It was like melted chocolate was running over the part of my ears which turned vibrations into sound.

"It was okay," I replied, liking the fact he hadn't let go of me yet.

"Just nice?" he asked, as if he had expected it to be more.

"Well, actually, it was really pleasant," I admitted. "I didn't dream so I was totally out of it, but I've never felt more refreshed in my life. I ... made you some coffee."

Terry smiled. "How very kind of you."

"It's down on the floor," I said, when he didn't let go of my arms.

"It needs some time to cool," he told me. His eyes wandered over my face and neck and lingered at the base of my throat. "Did you need any more sleep?" he asked.

He looked up into my eyes and I stifled a yawn. "Maybe," I replied. "It's quite early."

"You just... have a rest then," he said, his tone turning beautifully soporific as it had last night.

I blacked out.


I woke up on the couch. Terry was sipping the coffee. Seeing me wake up, he smiled and said "This is really good."

I smiled back. "Thanks."

"I'm going to go out today. Shall I buy you some books so you don't get bored?"

"Oh yes please. I adore reading."

Terry smiled grew. "You are brilliantly easily pleased."

"Eager to please, as well," I said, perhaps a little flirtatiously, I thought. "If there's anything I can do for you, tell me."

Terry beamed. "You and I are going to have such a great time. I just know we're going to get on."

With that, he stood up and left the warehouse. About an hour later, he returned, carrying a pile of books. He placed them before me. He was also carrying a bag of shopping, probably groceries for his fridge.

Something was for me, however. He pulled out a box of cereal bars and handed them to me.

"Breakfast," he said.

I took one, undid the wrapper and put it in a bin Terry brought out from his little room, and ate it.

"Delicious," I murmured.

Terry took his bag of groceries into his room and stayed there for hours. I heard strains of classical music through the door.

For lunch, I was given a ham sandwich, and Terry provided me with a bottle of water in case I got thirsty.

After I had eaten, I realised I needed the loo and that I hadn't brushed my teeth or anything. As if reading my mind, Terry stepped out of his room and beckoned me to follow him out of the warehouse. The warehouse appeared to be in an empty field. Nearby, there were two buildings. In the one Terry directed me to, there were toilets, showers and sinks, which all appeared to be quite clean. On the surface where the sinks were was a plastic bag. Inside, there were all the toiletries one used in a day.

"Thank you," I told Terry gratefully, stepping outside.

He nodded.

I went back in and did everything I needed to do. I assumed the other building was where men went to the loo.

When I got back to the warehouse, feeling fresher, Terry was back in his room, listening to Classic FM. I returned to the sofa, started reading, then promptly dozed off.

I awoke to find the classical music had stopped and artificial light filling the warehouse, rather than sunlight. There was a piece of paper on the armchair facing me. I rose to my feet and went over to read what was written on it.

Dear Person Number 1, it read.

 I have gone out for some fresh air. Please don't do anything dangerous: I couldn't bear to see you hurt. I will be back soon. There is some food in the miniature fridge in my room, if you get hungry.

Yours faithfully,


My heart soared at the words ‘I couldn't bear to see you hurt' and I remained in a happy mood all evening until Terry came back carrying a limp girl in his arms. Then I felt envious.

He laid her down on a sofa.

To my shock, he leant down so his mouth was above the base of her throat.

The girl woke up and whimpered. Terry growled, obviously angered. I had never seen him like this before. It scared me slightly.

As with me, he waved a hand across her face, saying "Forget your name, your family, your address."

But then, she was told she was "Person Number 2," rather than "Person Number 1," which made sense, since I was Person Number 1 (which made me feel incredibly special).

To my surprise, the girl whispered "But I'm not."

Terry ... slapped the girl. "I said repeat, human," he snarled.

The girl did as he say.

"I'm going to have to watch you," Terry said before ... kissing the girl. He stormed off into his room, barely noticing me.

I was horrified. And also extremely jealous.

I ignored the girl who I decided I didn't like, got up and ran over to Terry's room.

Inside, I find him sitting on the armchair, emanating fury.

"Terry?" I asked, terrified, my world feeling as if it had been turned upside down.

Terry saw me and appeared to calm down.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, Person Number 1," he murmured. He rose to his feet and approached me. My heart started pounding wildly in my chest.

He caressed my hair and I forgot what I had just seen. Terry leant in and kissed me, and suddenly nothing else mattered except for the two of us.

He broke away.

"You should go back in the other room," he said. "I'm too angry."

"I can calm you down," I murmured.

"I'd like some space right now," he said gently.

I nodded, wanting to be understanding. "Okay."

I walked back into the main room. I returned to my sofa, picked up a book and acted like nothing had happened. I didn't take any notice of the girl who was silently crying on her couch.

The End

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