Delia WillisMature

I run my feet pounding against the ground and causing water on the ground to splash out. It was raining and my short cut brown hair, with natural ginger highlights at the front, was sticking to my face.

I couldn't stop running though. I needed my daily jog and I don't care that its raining. I arrive back at home and when I walk in I find a towel which causes me to smile.

"I'm home Mark!" I call out to my father who I call by first name. I slip off my wet trainers and head straight upstairs. I change into jeans and checkered shirt before heading downstairs again.
I come into the kitchen stopping short at the sight of a young man sitting in a chair. He see's me and smiles. I notice he's wearing a white shirt and baggy trousers.

"Uh..... what the-"

"Delia!" My father snaps. I hold my hands up before indicating the young man. "Oh, thats Terry. He's might be moving in down the street. I invited him to join us for dinner"

"Oh" I mutter moving past Terry carefully going over to my dad who's at the cooker. I bump my hip against his and he laughs moving out of the way. "You know I cook better Mark"

He smiles and goes to sit down next to Terry. "She's always has been" my father tells Terry. "Enjoys making all sorts of things.

"That's amazing" Terry says smiling at me. I blush and concentrate back on cooking. Making sure to put each food in at the right moment.


Eventually when we sit down I end up sitting next to Terry. He smiles at me but I narrow my eyes at him before looking across at my dad. "Bon Appetit" I say and then we both dig in.

I notice Terry picks up his fork but only does so to push the food round the plate occasionally taking a bite. I look at him. "Is something wrong?" I ask.

Terry looks at me and smiles revealing perfect teeth the canines sharper than normal. I swallow and he laughs. "Nothings wrong, Delia" Strangely I don't like it when he says my name.


I go out for a night run. I don't care that my dad doesn't like me doing that but I need to get out. I need to get air. I need to think.

And the only way I get all that is by running. I turn a corner and come short seeing the figure of a young man under a street lamp. He looks up and straight at me. I gasp seeing who he is. "Terry" I whisper. He smiles then suddenly he's in front of me arms around me as I pass out.


I wake up on a couch and Terry's mouth is pressed to my neck. I break out in a scream. Terry pulls back and puts a hand over my mouth. He growls and I see blood on his lips. I wimper scared.

He waves his other hand in front of my eyes three times saying. "Forget your name, your family, your address" He lowers his hand licks it then puts it to my neck. I feel a tingling feeling lick skin stretching. He pulls back his other hand. "You are now Person number 2. Repeat"

"But I'm not" I whisper not knowing why I'm disagreeing with him. He growls and hits me hard across the face.

"I said repeat human" He growls. I cry out and see someone across the room staring in shock.

"I am now Person number 2" I whisper. Any hint of anger in Terry face disapears and he leans in tilting up my chin.

"I'm going to have to watch you" He says then kisses me angrily before turning and disapearing off through a door which slams shut behind him.

The End

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