The Vampire Who Came To TeaMature

A vampire goes around teenager's houses, hypnotising them to follow him (like the Pied Pier of Hamelin) and keeping them in his den so he can drink their blood and play with them like toys (or mice, if you imagine him as a monstrous cat)


The doorbell rang. I looked at my clock, just to make sure I hadn't been imagining hours passing since I had come home from school. Yes: the clock confirmed my suspicions. It was eight o'clock in the evening. I wandered downstairs, curious to see who would call at such a late hour.

I heard my mum talking sympathetically to someone. A few minutes later, a tall, incredibly gorgeous young man walked in. It took me a while to notice his clothes were ragged and torn and his hair was messy. He was evidently poor. My mum noticed me and introduced the stranger she'd invited into the house.

"Tabitha, this is Mr..."

"Terry," the man said quickly. "My name's Terry."

"Terry has no money for food: he's been sleeping rough on the streets since he was thrown out for not being able to pay the rent on his apartment. He wanted directions to some sort of soup kitchen but as I told him, I doubt there are any nearby and we're about to have dinner, so who would we be to send him away with an empty stomach?"

"You invited him to dinner?" I asked, taking a while to process what my mum was saying.

"Yes, dear."

I smiled. "Why, that's lovely of you, Mum. I wish I'd been here to answer the door and invite him myself."

Terry smiled. "You're all very kind. Is there somewhere I can sit and wait, Mrs...?" He looked questioningly at my mother.

"Oh, just call me Flora," she told him.

"What a wonderful name."

"You can sit in here or even in the conservatory if you like. It's a beautiful night - my husband and I have always adored stargazing - and when it's too cold to sit out in the garden, the conservatory provides an excellent room to appreciate the magnificence of the night sky."

"It sounds wonderful," Terry said, sounding quite sincere. I was half-worried he would be bored by my mother's sentimental ramblings about the stars, but he was smiling as if he liked them too.

"I'll join you so you don't get lonely," I said, quite impulsively. In fact, so impulsively that I hadn't realised what I was saying until the words had come out. Nonetheless, I would be happy to sit with Terry and even admire the stars if he liked that sort of thing. He was strangely starting to grow on me.

My mother beamed. I led Terry through the hallway into the conservatory and left the light off so we could gaze through the glass roof at the twinkling lights in the sky as I had called them when I was young. Strange I should think so fondly of the days when I marvelled at the stars when I hadn't done so for years.

"A fine sight, aren't they?" Terry said as he stepped in behind me.

I shivered at how close he was. I nodded, slightly breathless.

"So ... captivating, don't you find?"

I nodded again. There was something about his voice that made it a fascinating sound. I wanted to listen to that voice all day.

"A truly ... mesmerising sight."

I lost myself in the stars for a few moments.

When I came back to my senses, I felt slightly light-headed. I must just be hungry.

Just then, my parents called us for dinner. I led him to the kitchen. On the table were bowls of spaghetti bolognese: my favourite.


 Terry left, saying that the food had been delicious. I returned to my bedroom, feeling really content. Terry's braveness in the face of his situation was truly inspiring and made me think a bit more about my own. I was really lucky to have all that I did.

I was sitting, reading on my bed when I heard something likethe sound of a click in my head. I suddenly had a strange desire to go outside and get some air.

I wandered downstairs, oddly keeping quiet, and went through the conservatory into the garden.

There, standing in the shadow of the apple tree was Terry.

"Terry?" I asked, surprised, confused and a little scared.

He gazed deep into my eyes and I found myself falling into sapphire depths.


I woke up on a couch in what seemed to be the interior of a warehouse made of corrugated iron.

In an instant, Terry was standing before me (he seemed to have moved impossibly fast), and he waved a hand in front of my eyes three times saying "Forget your name, your family, your address." He then lowered his hand and said "You are now Person Number 1. Repeat."

Those sapphire-coloured eyes were hypnotic, and I repeated "I am now Person Number 1."

Everything before tonight was a blur. I knew things but I didn't know all the things I felt I should know. I was Person Number 1, but I seemed to think I had been someone else before. Since I couldn't remember a family or a home, I wondered if I'd been reincarnated or something. It was very confusing, but Terry seemed to be a comforting presence in this lonely place. Perhaps he was my family.

"Sleep now," he said, in an overwhelmingly soporific voice. I fell asleep straight away.

The End

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