Paul: School

Everyone got ready and headed out of the house. I sort of figgeted with my wings tied up. I had a harness to tie them up for when in human public but I rarely used it.

"Hey, you okay?" Natasha asks raising her eyebrow and giving me a sideways look. I shake my head.

"Nothing. Its just going to school with you guys I could avoid which would avoid me wearing this harness.... I don't know why I'm doing it?" I mutter shaking my head.

"Cause you like Natasha" Jane sings vaulting my head. I make a grab at her but she's already skipped off to Jeremy. They seem slightly.... closer and strangely I feel jealous.

I look to Natasha who seems to have a fading blush. I smile. "Uh, that was awkward right?" I mumble.

Natasha nods and we make the rest of the way to school in silence.

The End

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