Natasha:Pillow Fight

"Wake up sleeping beauty." A dissent voice whispered. Obeying my eyes opened, I was lying in my bed and it was morning.

"How did I get here?" My voice groggy from sleeping.

"I brought you here last night, you were out of it." Paul that was who it was, I looked over at him sitting by my bedside.   

"Thanks but aren't you like..."

"Like?" He prompted seeing my struggling face.

"Worried I'll take a bite out of you?" I replied rolling over putting my head in the pillow.

"Hey Tasha don't hide away your pretty face away from me." Paul said moving my hair out of my face. "No I'm not and...what's that?" I felt his figure trace behind my ear, where my tattoo was identical to my lightening bolt necklace.

"O' erm, my tattoo." Feeling hot all of a sudden, not only was Paul touching my skin still, but the way that he was looking at me with those golden eyes. Was he getting closer all of a sudden? I pulled back finding a pillow and hitting him with it. I laughed seeing his face surprised; suddenly I stopped laughing when he hit me with the other pillow.

Of course this carried on until my father came through the door. Both me and Paul were smirking as my father reminding me that we had school. After he left Paul hit me again.



The End

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