Jane: Michael

"Vampires have always been after me" I whisper. "Not just then. Its only when I've grown with my powers that they sort of didn't do it out in the open anymore"

"But why do they want you?" Jeremy asks taking my hand in his.

"Whats the other reason vampires bite people if its not to drink their blood.... its to turn them" I whisper and look at the floor.

"But you're a slayer?? Why turn you?? Why not kill you??"

"I caught the interest of one badassed vampire lets say. He turned Michael, Fredrick, Millie, Alisa.... god I could go on for ages with the friends I've made who have got turned because of my mistake"

"What mistake? How the hell did you get some powerful vampire attention?"

"At 5 years old..... I killed his mate" I say wincing. "I was only protecting myself... but he more found it amusing and funny then upseting. He decided he wanted me to be his little vampire child..... that day you got attacked... was the day it started"

I look across at Jeremy who still seems quite shocked. I feel tears spring to my eyes. "He's got Micheal doing his dirty work and now its not me they're set on getting... its Natasha as well. If she gives into her vampire side and I get turned..."

I shake my head. "The balance will change dramatically" Jeremy whispers. "Vampires will start to win and us slayers and humans will start to die"

"Exactly" I whisper wrapping my arms around his waist and begining to cry.

The End

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