Jeremy: You've Left Me Speechless, So Speechless!

 "What?!" And that was the last thing I said. My mouth hung open, my eyes wide. If I was looking at myself, I would've thought I was catatonic.

 "Jeremy? Say something." Jane ordered. All I came up with was a load of 'um's and 'er's. She rolled her eyes. I tried shaking my head but that didn't help at all. I was still speechless.

 Suddenly, I remembered...

 I sit in the sand box in the park with my friend, Jane. She glances over and smiles at me. I look down at the hole that I am digging in the sand, looking for treasure. I frown.

 "Are you sure that there is tweasure in there Jane?" I ask in my five-year-old's voice. She nods.

 "Yesh! I saw it in there!" she resumes her digging. I do too.

 A shadow appears in front of Jane, and I look up to see a man with a face so horrifying that I was scarred for life. His eyebrows are replaced by demonic scar-like-things, and his eyes are yellow, the pupils so small that they are nearly nonexistant.

 "Aah!" I scream. Suddenly, the creature crouches down, baring a row of long, sharp fangs. He holds his hands out either side of him, elongating his claws. Terror holds me, restraining me. My eyes are wide. What is that?! My mind is telling me run, but my feet are no longer connected to my mind. The creature lunges for Jane but I jump in front of her instinctively. He bites me. I scream. Blackness...

 I shook my head and looked at Jane.

 "Whu? Oh my God! I do remember!" I said to Jane. "You've grown." I stated. But my happiness was short-lived.

 "Why was the vampire after you?" I gulped loudly after I said that. I was surprised and kinda curious. She sighed.


The End

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