Jane: Past

The pain suddenly stopped and my eyes flutter open to see Jeremy leaning so close and the softess of a bed beneath me. He started to pull back almost instantly but I reached out and stroked his cheek.

Then I pulled away and sat up turning my back on him. I buried my face in my hands and just sat there. "Jane?" Jeremy whispers.

"You don't get it do you.... you don't even remember....." I whisper shaking my head the tears begining to fall. I hear feet in the doorway and see Paul. He see's my tears nods, looks at Jeremy then leaves the room closing the door.

"Don't remember what Jane?" Jeremy says moving round to sit next to me on the bed.

"What happened when you were five??" I ask looking directly at him. Jeremy opens his mouth to speak then closes it. "See..... you don't even remember"

"It's not that I don't remember there just a.... a massive chunk of memory missing. Each memory plays out then goes blank suddenly" Jeremy says shaking his head then looking at me. I look at him then back at the floor.

"I knew you when I was 5, Jeremy. We use to play together all the time. Then one day a vampire came to kill me..... you got in the way and almost died. But I healed you" I pause looking at him to see the shocked expression on his face. "I wasn't meant to use my powers around normal people.... so my parents dragged me away.... you really can't remember that, It might be the cause for you becoming a slayer"

The End

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