Jeremy: First

 "Jane!" I screamed in terror. Instead of being frozen to the spot as I probably would've been had it been any one else in Jane's place, I was there with a nearly inhuman speed. I even beat Paul and he was closest.

 I found it weird that I was happy that I'd beaten Paul to Jane; that I was first to her rescue. I knew I loved her, more than a friend. But so did Paul. That was why I was happy about beating Paul. It was as if we were in some kind of competition.

 I held Jane in my arms and walked to her room a couple of seconds before everyone else appeared. I laid her on her bed and knelt down to her side.

 I was hypnotised by the closeness of our faces. They were nearly touching. I slowly leant my head toward hers, attempting to peck her on the cheeks.

 And then her eyes fluttered open.

The End

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