Jane: Drama.... and I pass out

"Well... uh, I've never been to school" I say fidgetting.

"Never" Jeremy says looking at me. I look at him then away. First the memory of when I was five then having to watch him go upstairs to let Natasha drink his blood..... Strangely I felt in pain.

I knew having blood drank from you isn't always painful..... Micheal drank mine when he first became a vampire. I shake my head throwing the memory out. "No, I've never been to school" I say simply.

"She was home taught dude... her mum knows a lot after living 132 years" Paul says from where he's leaning against the door frame to one of the rooms.

"Your mum's been alive that long" Jeremy says looking at me in shock. I nod slowly then look away towards something to the right.

Jeremy's whole mind radiats confusion and a bit of hurt. How dare he hurt?? The thought radiats through my mind. I know its not someone elses but then I know its not mine.... well not my present selfs thought.

"Yeah..." I gasp out as a pain starts to shoot through my head and I have to squint my eyes shut.

"Jane?" Paul says worry clear in his voice as he stands properly and begins heading over to me. But he doesn't make it for when I scream out in pain clutching my head and slowly lowering myself to the floor to curl up. I feel something zapping through my body.

Then I black out....

The End

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