Natasha:No way

"How the HELL can I go to school, unless they've got a special classes for half vampires!" I shouted when the door was shut.

"Good point; she may be a half blood, but still Remus how can she cope?" Jane also said.

"Will you all calm down, Natasha your be ok honesty." Dad tried to reassure me.

"And what are we going to do about, you know." Jeremy said nodding towards Riley.

"Well yes good point, he can help Natasha." Dad told us. We were all deadly silent.

"What you would trust me, with your dearest daughter, show her the ropes?" Riley couldn't really believe it either.

"Yes, you know what she feeling better then the others. You will go to school with them tomorrow." Dad told him.

"Excurse me but have you lost your mind? He's a vampire." Jeremy nearly shouted.

"Meaning that he is the only one how can help Natasha, untie him." Dad orders Paul. I didn't like the look on Riley face, seemed smug like he was happy about something secretive.

I needed some air so I went out the French doors and walked over to the tree in the garden. I climbed the tree easily sitting on the highest branch, closing my eyes; something must of being going on with Dad. Why would he want Riley to come with me, watching out for me, he was a vampire? My eyes were closing and I found myself dreaming about Riley.      


The End

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