Jeremy: Unfair

 I heard muffled voices just before Natasha said

 "It was erm...Okay I guess. Hey, can you hear voices?" She said this in reply to my precious question. I frowned, closed my eyes and turned my head slightly so that my ear was facing the ground floor.

 I couldn't hear much because they were outside, but I tried to listen carefully.

 "-we need to get them to join-"

 "-to come with us to-"

 "-need them-"


 I stopped listening as soon as I heard that last one. Aw crap! Not school! Me and Natasha zoomed downstairs, Natasha obviously a bit faster.

 "Do not open that door!" I said when I was downstairs with everyone. They all turned to me, their faces worried.

 "Is there danger?" Amara asked. I nodded,

 "Yeah, a danger of school!" Natasha said.

 Three quick knocks on the huge oak doors startled everyone.

 "Hello?" said a muffled man's voice from outside the door. Remus rolled his eyes and swung it open.

 "Hello." He said politely, "Is there something you need, Jacob?" Jacob? Remus knew this guy?

 "Hello Remus, I'm not here for poker today. I need to talk to you about your collection of...teenagers that you have here. Now, if they're your own kids, you should've enrolled them for school ages ago. However, if they're not your kids, they still need to come to school." Everyone's faces apart from Remus' was horrified.

 "Kids," Remus said. "You're going to Slayer High. No one knows about slayers and stuff though, so don't tell anyone." He whispered the last part.

The End

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