"No way, look I'm fine." I kept saying. All of them were edging closer to me. The look on Jeremy face was fairly interesting.

"Natasha sweetheart, look your body craving for it. Just try it please. You're not going to kill him or anything right?" My father looked towards where Riley was standing only Paul was holding the rope now.

"No, even I wouldn't. She only a half blood anyway, so she doesn't need it as often." Riley informed them.

"Look if we're going to." I started sighing all of them still staring at me. Like just back off! "Can we do this somewhere else?" I said heading up stairs, then feeling Jeremy hand on my upper arm.

"Why do I ways"-

"Get to do the dirty work?" I offered.

"Not exactly but. Look I'm not used to just"

Cutting him off again with my finger pressed against his soft lips. "You think this is easy for me? Coming to terms with what I am? You have no idea what I have being though, Jeremy."

I lead him to where I was talking with Paul last night, the room with the grand piano in.

"Erm didn't know this was here?" Jeremy said touching the piano.

"You play?" I asked him

"Yer, what about you?"

"I could sing before I could talk, if you can believe that. Piano just a few years. Taught myself, and I'm pretty good."

"Show off." He smile and I laughed. Then I caught a rich, warm, sweet scent. I looked round to see Jeremy holding his right wrist out to me. Bleeding. The pocket knife in his other hand. Dripping with his blood.

"Now or never Natasha." He said. Let my body take over, like before letting my sense go into overdrive. I slowly walked over to him holding his wrist. "It's ok, Natasha, I know that you won't hurt me."

My lips touched his blood, I licked the cut first then tasting it my mouth close on the cut.

"Ouccch. Teeth, man." Jeremy gasped out. I hadn't even realised that I bite him. Huh strong sharp teeth. Then his blood was pouring down my throat, he relaxed slightly letting out a small moan. Even I was making noises, something about the taste of his blood. I broke off licking the wound before letting go. I quickly wiped my mouth worried that he would see.

"Thank you Jeremy." I said to him as we made our way down stairs.

"It was erm. Ok I guess. I. Hey can you hear voices." He ran the rest off the way.  I could hear them before they even reached to front door. I hurried myself to see who it was.    

The End

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